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Thank you for your interest in Google Pay! Please fill out the information below. Submitting this form is only a request to receive the Click-to-Accept agreement and not acceptance of the actual agreement terms. We will send you a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), followed by the agreement itself upon acceptance of the NDA to the email address you provide.
Google Pay is NOT live in your country and therefore submitting this request is only to receive access to our documentation. Once you have accurately completed and submitted the form below, we will send you a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which you will be required to e-sign and return to us. Upon completion of the NDA, we will grant access to the Google Pay Developers Site for the emails requested below. Please note that any future Google Pay expansion information is covered under the NDA and cannot be shared with outside parties other than as set out in the NDA, unless explicitly approved by Google
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