How Qibla Finder works

What is Qibla?

Qibla is the fixed direction towards the Ka’bah in the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It's the direction which all Muslims face when performing their prayers, wherever they are in the world.

How we calculate Qibla

We use the location of Kaaba (Lat 21.4224779 Long 39.8251832) and your current location (provided by GPS or manually) to determine the most direct route between two points on the globe, also known as the great-circle distance. This is calculated using the haversine formula. When viewed on a flat map, the line can sometimes appear bent due to the curvature of the earth. 

Making sure the direction is accurate

Qibla Finder works with your device’s compass. To make sure that the direction is as accurate as possible, we recommend calibrating your compass before using. 

Why we ask for permissions

Qibla Finder is made to work with your phone’s GPS and camera (on Android). To provide you with the best experience we need to ask for permission to access these features. This information is never stored, and is not shared outside the Qibla Finder. You can change permissions anytime from your browser.

How to change permissions

To change permissions simply go to your browser permission settings, and allow (or disallow) this site to access your camera and/or location. 

Find out more about changing permissions on Google Chrome. 


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