About the information collected by Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews is a program that allows you to rate your purchase experience with our partners who participate in the program. The rating that you give in your review can help other shoppers make an informed decision to purchase.

If you opt-in to receiving a survey from Google Customer Reviews, Google will send you one email a few days after your order has been delivered. We will not send any other emails as a result of you opting in. The email contains a one-minute survey that looks like this: 

Illustrative Google Customer Reviews survey. For an example of survey text, see sample survey invitation.

It's important that you provide a review after your order has been delivered so that you can review your entire shopping experience. To make sure Google sends you the survey at the right time, Google Customer Reviews partners send us the following information about your order after you opt-in:

Data Description
Order ID This ID is the unique order number for your purchase. Google uses it to connect your review with your order.
Your email This email address is the one you used to complete your purchase. The Google Customer Reviews survey will be sent to this address.

The country name identifies where your order will be delivered. 

Order delivery date The order delivery date is the date the retailer expects your order will be delivered. Google Customer Reviews sends you a survey after your order has been delivered.
GTIN GTIN is the Global Trade Item Number for products included in the orders placed on your site. This will identify which product the review data refers to.