About Google Patents

Result viewer

When clicking on a search result, you'll be taken to either a patent result or a non-patent result snippet.

If you edit your search while on a result page, you need to click the "Back To X Results" button to see the updated search results. The X count reflects the updated number of results.

In the top-right corner of the page, next and previous arrows will take you to the next and previous results in your current search. You can also use your keyboard left and right arrows to quickly scan through a result set.

All results contain a list of Similar Documents at the bottom, based on text similarity.

Patent results

Patent results contain full text, figures, the original PDF version, metadata and citations.

For viewing figures, the I key toggles the full image display panel, and the A and D keys navigate images back and forward. The W and S keys rotate the current image. The figures show on the right side if the screen is wide enough, or above the description if the screen is narrow.

Non-patent results

Non-patent results contain a snippet of the original document, a link to the document, and metadata. A link to the full text can often be found in the metadata section as "View PDF" or "View HTML".

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