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The search results page contains the results of the search query on the left (or top on smaller screens).

Results are sorted by relevance by default, and can be sorted by newest or oldest filing date using the "ordered by relevance" menu above the search results list.

The total number of results (About x results) is only an approximation and may change even for the same query.

Only the highest-ranking patent from the same "simple patent family" is displayed and the other family members are removed from the results list. The simple patent family is all of the patents that share the same set of priority claims. This is usually when the same or very similar patent is filed in more than one country.

To change the number of results per page to 25, 50 or 100, click the "10 results / page" menu above the search results list.

The results are grouped using an algorithm to determine the best Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) codes to help narrow down the scope of your search. CPCs are a great way to narrow down your search, but finding the right code can be time-consuming for quick searches, so result groups give a few of the best codes for you to consider. Clicking on the "Search within classification X" at the bottom of a result group will restrict your search to only results that have CPC X, or a child code of CPC X.

To turn off the grouping, use the "grouped by classification" menu above the search results list.

Navigate to the next page using the arrows at the bottom.

You can download up to the top 1000 results by clicking "Download (CSV)". This may take a few seconds to generate. Fewer than 1000 results may be returned.

If you are searching for images, click the thumbnail next to any result to expand into the thumbnail grid view. Hover over each thumbnail to zoom in, and move the cursor to change the zoomed position.

The graph to the right (on wide screens) or under the results (narrow screens) shows a visual summary of the top 1000 results by date vs assignee, inventor and CPC. Value in the list under the graph shows the CPCs most strongly associated with results having that value.

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