Advanced searching tips

Advanced searching tips

Here are some additional options on the search page to help you control aspects of your search results:

Flight dates

Use the Arrival and Departure drop-down menus to indicate whether you want to leave or arrive on a specific date. This is particularly useful for long flights – especially those that cross the international date line.

Use the On this day only drop-down menu to indicate how closely the search should stick to your entered date. For example, search for your date plus a day or two after or before.

preferred flight dates screenshot

Flight times

Click Preferred times to choose specific time ranges for a flight such as any time before 8am or after 9pm. By default, all time ranges will be selected to give you the most options.

preferred flight times screenshot

Cabin class

Use the Cabin drop-down menu to choose which cabin of service you want included in your search.

If there aren’t enough results for flights in the cabin that you requested, your results might include flights with other cabin options to make sure you have a good number of flights to choose from. These added flights will be marked with a triangle icon in the Advisory column. You can filter out results that are in other cabins by clicking the heading for Advisory and unchecking Preferred class unavailable.

Airport changes

The Allow airport changes option is selected by default to help you find the lowest fares from all possible airports. If you would like to return to the same airport you departed from, uncheck this box.

Available seats

The Only show flights and prices with available seats option is selected by default to help you find only flights that are available for purchase. If you would like to see all fares and flights, including those that are unavailable for booking, uncheck this box.


The Currency field allows you to specify a particular currency for your flight results. If left blank, the currency used will be the currency of the Sales city.

Sales city

Due to airline business rules, the currency, fares, taxes, fees, and flights available for sale can vary by city. Before searching, make sure that the sales city is accurate so that you get the right information for your location. If left blank, the sales city is set to the departure city of your flight search. Click the Learn more link for additional detail before choosing an alternative sales city.

Search results will be displayed in the local currency of the specified sales city, unless another value is provided in the Currency field.

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