Google Account Recovery Scam via SMS Messages



  1. Slow it down - Scams are often designed to create a sense of urgency. Take time to ask questions and think it through.
  2. Spot check - Do your research to double check the details you are getting. Does what they’re telling you make sense?
  3. Stop! Don’t send - No reputable person or agency will ever demand payment or your personal information on the spot.


If you receive a text message claiming your Google Account has been compromised, use a computer to go to Google Account security settings and review your recent activity to make sure no one unauthorized has accessed your account. Do not respond to unsolicited text messages with personal information. Also, beware of messages that claim Google needs to call you to verify your identity. Google will not send you a text message that asks you to respond by text or phone call to verify your identity if your account has been compromised. Here's an example of what a scam message might say:

Scam Example:  Google Message #42132: Your Gmail has been compromised by hackers. Google needs to call you to verify your identity. Text back with 'READY' when you are ready to receive this call.

If you receive a message similar to the one above, do not respond. Instead, forward the message to your cell phone carrier’s SMS spam reporting number. For most carriers, this number is 7726.

Also, Google Voice allows you to mark messages as spam so that future messages from that number will automatically be considered spam and you won't receive any notifications about it.


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