Opt-out of showing your ads to Google accounts created in Family Link

Parents can create a Google account for children under 13 using the Family Link app. With these accounts, children have access to Google products like Search, Maps, and Gmail. While signed into their account, these users might see ads on Google products and on third-party sites and services.

Advertisers can't target ads to show only to children under 13, or serve personalized advertising to children under 13. As an advertiser, you can exclude your ads from showing to signed-in users under 13 by filling in the required fields below. This exclusion will apply to your Search, Display, and Shopping ads. A notification will be sent to confirm the opt-out. You can reverse this decision by returning to this form and removing your opt-out.
Would you like to enable or remove your opt-out of ads to Google Accounts created in Family Link
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