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We don't recognize the email To help you with an order issue, we need the email matching your previous orders.

(Ignore this if you're new to Google Express.)

Add another email address we can use to look up your information. This is the address we'll reply to if we can locate your account.
Your card may be authorized for the full amount at first. The final charge, minus your coupon, will show in your account in 7–10 business days. Read about promos and credits. Each code can only be used once, and can't be used with a prepaid or virtual card.
If anything you ordered is not available, or if your order is canceled, it may take 7–10 days for the adjustment to reflect in your account. Read more about taxes at checkout and charges and authorizations.
Sometimes prices on Google Express differ from what you’d see in the store: this depends both on the retailer and the location of the store your items come from. Read more about costs.
In most cases sales tax is determined by store location, not your address. Read more about tax and charges at checkout.
To cancel, go to My Account > Orders. You can cancel your order until it has been processed in our system, but not when it's already on the way.
Double-check your address and payment information. Make sure you aren't using a coupon code or credit that's already been redeemed, and that you aren't using a coupon with a prepaid or virtual card.
Assortment varies between stores and delivery areas. Cold or perishable groceries (like fruits or vegetables) aren't available through Google Express.
You'll find a tracking number on your Orders page or "Orders" in your Express app. If you've gotten a notice saying your package has arrived, check your leasing office or lobby. If it hasn’t shown up in 24 more hours, get in touch.
You may have recently shopped from a store on Google Express that can help you directly with order or delivery issues: learn more. With orders from other stores, contact us.
Let us know what you ordered and what you got instead. If something was damaged, send us a photo and we'll look into it.
Follow these steps to return an item within 30 days.
You'll get an email letting you know when we've received your return, and when your refund is on the way (it takes about a week for the refund to process after this).
Google Express memberships have gone away in Aug of 2017. You'll get free delivery when you meet the per-store order minimum ($25 or $35 for most stores), with no membership fees required. Find out more.
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