Personalization with your Google Express order history and Google activity

A shopping experience just for you

You can allow the use of your Google Express order history and other Google activity (such as searches and clicks on the Google search results page) to create a personalized shopping experience. Past purchases from Google Express and from any store accounts you’ve linked are included in order history. At any time, you can turn off use of your order history or pause use of your Google activity for personalized recommendations.

How your order history and Google activity improve your experience

To help you get better results while shopping on Google Express, your order history and past Google activity are used to:

• Make recommendations on items to buy

• Show items you may be interested in under “Inspired by your Google activity”

• Enable quick reorders of products you’ve purchased before

• Send reminders based on your preferences and past orders

Turn Web & App Activity on or off in your Google Account

If Web & App Activity is turned on, your searches and activity from other Google services are saved to your Google Account, so you may get better search results and suggestions on Google Express.

You control what’s saved. And you can delete your past searches and activity or turn off Web & App Activity at any time.

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