Google Purchase Protection

Your orders on Google are protected. You may be issued a partial or full replacement order, a refund, a gift card (in limited cases), or a credit on a future order if you encounter an order issue as outlined in the below section on eligibility. 

A few things to note:

  • If you bought your item with Google Express, you can contact our support team in most cases. Some stores, however, offer their own support. Read more on whom to contact when. 
  • Any compensation is subject to the refund limitations and processes described below

You may be eligible for Purchase Protection if:

  • You don’t get the right item
  • The item is not in the promised condition
  • The item is handed to the delivery company more than 1 day after the latest date shown during checkout
  • The store, or Google Express, doesn’t honor its return policy
  • In addition:
    • You must be over the age of 18
    • You must be legally capable of agreeing to the Purchase Protection and entering into a legally binding agreement
    • You may not be associated in any way with the merchant from whom you are purchasing
    • Your underlying purchase transaction cannot be deemed fraudulent by Google in any way
    • You may not otherwise be ineligible for Purchase Protection.

You must comply with the store’s policies, terms, and conditions. If you seek help from Google regarding an item, Google will evaluate your compliance with the store’s policies, terms, and conditions when determining if any protection is warranted. 

If Google determines that you are due a refund according to the terms above, the store will have an opportunity to refund you directly (some stores on Google Express). The refund will appear on the card you used to make the original purchase.

Note that Purchase Protection has some limitations:

  • Purchase Protection is limited to the lower of: (1) $2,500 per order, including tax and shipping, or (2) the amount you paid at checkout, equal to the original item price plus shipping and tax, minus any refunds you received from the store or Google. 
  • For items bought from most stores with Google Express, our return policy and terms apply. Some stores on Google Express handle their own returns and enforce their own return policies and terms. Find out more.
  • Items broken in use aren’t eligible for Purchase Protection
  • Google doesn’t evaluate or endorse specific products sold by stores on Google or on Google Express
  • If items are lost or stolen, Purchase Protection doesn’t apply
  • Purchase protection is limited to the item(s) you bought
  • If you have filed a chargeback and it is still open, or if you have won a settlement of any amount via your credit card or other payment processing company, your order is not eligible for Purchase Protection. Orders may be declared ineligible for Purchase Protection if the delivery address is changed or the shipment is rerouted during transit. 

Some items are excluded from Purchase Protection, including:

  • Intangible items, including digital goods
  • Items equivalent to cash, including prepaid or gift cards
  • Items prohibited by Google Shopping Policies for merchants (read more)
  • Items prohibited by Google Payments Policies for merchants (read more)

Report an issue 

  • With orders placed from most stores on Google Express, contact Google Express Customer Support within 60 days of placing your order
  • With some stores on Google Express, contact the store directly within 60 days of placing your order (find out whom to contact when)
    • Google will refer to the store or merchant’s policies and terms of service, so it’s a good idea to reference these before reaching out. Our support team may reach out to you by email to follow up on any questions about your issue. 

Purchase protection is not:

  • An item warranty or extended warranty. You should follow warranty instructions provided by the item manufacturer if the item is defective (Google’s Purchase Protection does not enhance or extend the manufacturer’s warranty)
  • A special return policy. You must follow either the Express return policy or the store’s return policy, depending on the retailer (find out more)
  • Any form of insurance. You are responsible if your item is lost, stolen, or damaged, except as specifically defined in these terms
  • A guarantee of item availability, shipping date, or speed. If an order is late, Purchase Protection will not cover the cost of a replacement item or any other associated expenses
  • A source of added compensation. If a store fails to meet its obligations, your maximum aggregate reimbursement from the merchant and Google is a full refund.
  • An item endorsement. Google does not certify or evaluate or endorse the quality, safety, performance, appropriateness, or legality of items sold through Google Express. Google is not responsible for the truth or accuracy of the description of such items, and does not provide or endorse any advice, opinion, offer, proposal, statement, data or other information displayed or distributed, purchased or paid through the store’s website(s)
  • A protection against identity theft or credit card theft. Your protection is limited to the item you purchased as described above.
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