Share a shopping list

With a shared list you can maintain a list of errands with family members or have everything needed for a get-together in one place. You friend will need a Google account (a Gmail address, for example) to open a shared list.

Find out how to keep a primary shopping list.


To get started, open your shopping list in your Home or Express app, or through the Assistant in your Android phone. You don't need to have the Express app installed to use the shopping List.

  • Type in an item (“coffee”) or a specific product name. Repeat.
  • Click the icon to share your shopping list with others


  • Click the menu icon , then List 
  • Click MANAGE
  • Click the more icon , then Share
  • Select a friend or family member to share your list with


What happens after you've shared your list:

  • Your friend or family member will get an email letting them know you’ve shared your shopping list. They should open the shared list directly from this email to view it.
  • To see all your shopping lists in one place, tap the menu icon while in your list,  then MANAGE. 
    • Here you can:
      • share shopping lists
      • rename them
      • leave a shared list
      • change your primary list
      • delete a list (if you’re its owner)
    • Anything you add when placing an order with Google Home or saving items on Google Express will be saved to your primary shopping list

Want to create a new shopping list?


1. Tap the menu icon  while in your list, then NEW LIST
3. Type in a name for your new list
4. Once you’ve given it a name, tap DONE


  1. Click the menu icon , then List 
  2. Click MANAGE
  3. Click the plus icon
  4. Name your list and press the enter key
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