Voice orders with Google Home

You can order household items, pantry staples and more on Google Home, one item per order. For now you can order things that cost between $4 and $100.

You'll get free delivery if the item you order is above the per-store minimum ($25 or $35 in most cases). With lower-priced items, you'll see either a small-order service fee ($4.99) or a shipping fee (starting at $5.99), depending on the store. Read more about delivery costs.

Set up your address and payment method in the Google Home app, and manage your order directly with Google Express. You can also set up separate accounts with members of your household.

Here’s how to shop Express with Google Home:

  1. Enable Personal results in the Google Home app
    • Tap the Menu icon , then More settings
    •  Scroll down and make sure “Personal results” are switched on
  2. Enter a delivery address and payment method in the Google Home app
    • ​Tap More settings and scroll to Payments
    •  Your orders will be delivered to the address you’ve entered here. Note that this may be different from your Google Home device address or the address you’ve previously entered with Google Expres
  3. Say "Order paper towels" or "Buy water," and you'll hear options that you can buy on Google Express (find out more in the Google Home Help Center).
    • The price you hear includes tax, which in most cases is determined by the location of the store your items come from
    • You may notice that the product selection is not exactly the same as when you order on express.google.com or with your Google Express app
  4. When you hear a suggestion you like, answer “Yes” to place the order
    • ​​If you answer “No,” you’ll get another suggestion
    • If you say “No” a second time, you're given the option to add the item to your shopping list in case you want to order it later
  5. You can check the status and details of your package  in your order confirmation email or on your orders page. You’ll also get an email when your order is on its way. 
  6. You can cancel your order on your orders page, or under Orders in your Google Express app. Heads up, once the order has been prepared for delivery, it can’t be canceled.
  7. If you want to turn off the ability to place voice orders:
    • Tap the Menu icon  on your Google Home app and scroll to More settings > Payments
    •  Tap “Pay with your Assistant” to turn it off. You can turn it back on anytime to start placing voice orders again.

Ordering with multiple accounts

Friends or family members can also place orders from their own Express accounts with the same Google Home.

  1. First, each user has to set up an account with the Google Home: read up on how to do this.
  2. Next, they have to make sure they have a delivery address and payment method set up: Tap the Menu icon ​​ on your Google Home app and scroll to More settings > Payments
  3. The assistant will then recognize the voice of each user with an account
    1. Heads up: if a household member without a separate account places an order, it’s automatically placed from the primary user’s account. To turn off the ability to place voice orders, see step 7 above.

Adding items to your cart

You can also add things to your cart with your voice: just say "Add toilet paper to my cart" or "Add shampoo from Target to my cart." To check out with multiple items in your cart, go to the Express site or your Express app.

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