Using your shopping list

Want to keep track of decorations and snacks you need for a party? You may also want to save gift options as you browse, or have a list of your essentials in one place. 

With the shopping list, you can stay organized until you’re ready to check out. You can access it with your Google Express or Home app, or with the Assistant on Android.

Some things you can do with the shopping list:

  • Add, remove or check things off in the Home, Express or Assistant app.
  • Talk to your Google Assistant to add things to your shopping list or hear what you’ve added.
  • Create multiple shopping lists and share them with friends or family.
  • Shop your list directly with Google Express, if you choose.
    • You don’t need a Google Express app or account to use the shopping list. If you’d like, you can access and share your lists only through Google Home or Assistant.

Here’s how to manage your shopping list:

  1. Access your list by tapping Shopping list in your Express or Google Home app, or through the Assistant in your Android phone. You'll also find Shopping list on the left panel at
  2. In the search bar at the top of the list, jot down your frequently ordered products, a favorite cookie brand, or a general reminder like “dish soap” or “cereal.”
  3. After adding things you can: 
    1. check them off by selecting the check box next to the item (desktop & mobile) or swiping to the right (mobile).
    2. remove them by clicking on the trash can (desktop) or swiping to the left (mobile).
      1. Accidentally remove something? Just click or tap UNDO on the notification that appears at the bottom of the list. You have a couple seconds after swiping to do this. (desktop & mobile).
    3. change the order of items on your list by holding your finger on an item and dragging it up or down the list (mobile).
    4. shop for all the items you’ve saved by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the list.

If you take a break from shopping, your list automatically gets saved for you next time.

While browsing or searching for items on Express, you can move things to your shopping list from your cart by clicking the MOVE TO LIST button.

You can also share your shopping lists with friends or family: learn more.

Save things to your shopping list with Google Home

Want to add items to a shopping list with Google Home? Just say “Add shampoo to my shopping list” or “Add toothpaste to my list.”

You’ll find this shopping list both through, with your Google Assistant on Android or in your Home or Express app:

  • For Express, tap the Menu icon Menu, then Shopping list
  • For Home, tap the Account icon Account, then Settings Settings, then Services, then Shopping list

To get to your shopping list on your Android phone:

  1. Make sure your phone has the requirements to use the Assistant.
  2. Touch and hold the round Home button on your phone, or say “Ok Google” to bring up the Assistant. Here you can:
    1. Ask the Assistant: “What’s on my shopping list?”
    2. Tap your account icon on the upper right, then Settings, then Services, then Shopping list.
      1. Tap More More, then My Lists to see your lists or Add Add user to create a new list.
      2. Your shopping list will open in a Chrome window or, if you have it, in the Express app.
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