Reading your receipt

What's a shipping fee? 

A shipping fee is based on the actual fees delivery companies charge for delivering each order.

  • Some stores arranging for their own deliveries, as well as Walmart (coming soon!), list a shipping fee
  • With most stores the shipping fee is listed at $0 because Google Express doesn’t directly pass these fees through to our shoppers: you'll see a service fee instead.

What's a service fee? 

A service fee is paid to Google Express for arranging the purchase and delivery of your order from each store. Service fees may vary based on delivery day. These fees are not tips. Read more about service fees.  

You'll see a $4.99 small-order service fee for any store total that doesn’t meet the store minimum ($25 or $35 with most stores)

What’s a Costco access fee?

If you order Costco items without a Costco membership, an access fee is applied. The access fee is 10% of the price of each item and paid to Google Express. 

What’s a bulky item fee?

Delivery of heavy or oversized items may incur an additional fee.



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