How much does it cost to order?

When you meet the per-store minimum ($25 or $35 with most stores), you'll get free delivery.

See more below. 

Item prices and taxes

Item prices and applicable fees** (such as taxes and other fees that the store charges, like bottle deposits and e-waste fees) may vary. Prices on Google Express are set by each store, and in most cases you’ll pay the same amount as what you’d pay in the store. 

Things that could change what you pay:

  • Because prices are set by stores at the company level, sometimes you’ll see different prices on Google Express than in the store. Prices can also depend on the location of the store your items come from. In order to offer delivery with us, some stores may change item prices.

  • In most cases sales tax is determined by the location of the store. Since stores are not always located in your area or state, the tax charged on Google Express could be different from taxes you see at your local store. The “Estimated Tax” at checkout may include other applicable fees, and may be an overestimate.

Costco sale items and taxes

For discounted Costco items, you'll see taxes applied to the full price of the item in most states. Exceptions to this are Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Texas, where you'll see a tax applied on the discounted value of the item.

Sales tax with coupons and promo codes

In most states, you’ll see a tax applied to your items for their full listed price, before a coupon or promo code is applied. An exception is Texas, where a discount from a code also reduces the item’s taxable value: for example, if you use a $20 promo code for a $50 item from a Texas store, you will only be taxed for the $30 you pay for. In stores located at most other states you’ll pay tax for the full $50 item. 

Keep in mind that shoppers living in the Texas delivery area get orders from both Chicago and Texas stores, so taxes will vary accordingly.



Breaking down shipping and service fees at checkout

At stores where Google Express arranges for the packing, purchase and delivery of your orders, service fees apply. These fees are not tips. Stores arranging for their own packing, purchase and delivery charge shipping fees instead.

You'll see all applicable fees listed at checkout; learn more about each below.


Small-order service fee

If your order totals less than the minimum per store (usually $25 or $35), you'll see a $4.99 small-order service fee applied.

With certain stores you’ll see a shipping fee (see below) instead of a base service fee.

Shipping fee

A shipping fee is based on the actual fees delivery companies charge for delivering each order.

  • At stores in which Google Express arranges for delivery, you'll see a $4.99 small-order service fee with orders below the per-store minimum (see above). The shipping fee is listed at $0 because Google Express doesn’t directly pass these fees through to our shoppers.
  • Stores arranging for their own deliveries usually list a shipping fee instead; these vary by store and start at $5.99. If you see a shipping fee at checkout, you won’t see a separate small-order service fee. 

* Free delivery means no shipping & service fees. Orders must meet store minimums before taxes & fees in select delivery areas.

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