Charges and authorizations

When you place an order, your card may first be authorized for the full amount seen in your order confirmation email. You may also see a buffer to cover differences in item prices and other fees. If you're applying a promo code or coupon on an order containing items from multiple stores, you may also see your card authorized for the full amount at first.

The final amount charged to your card will depend on item availability, coupons applied, and any fees the store charges (like bottle deposits).

The charge will be processed through Google Pay. You’ll see separate charges for each store you order from, as well as a separate charge from Google for the shipping & service fee.

Typically you’ll see the final and actual amount charged to your card in 7–10 business days. You can confirm this amount:

  • in the email confirming your order is on its way
  • on your Orders page after delivery

If you cancel your order or return an item, it may also take 7–10 business days for the authorization to be removed.

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