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Charges and authorizations

What you'll see at Checkout

 Item prices and applicable fees (such as taxes and other fees that the merchant charges, like bottle deposits and e-waste fees) may vary based on actual item prices and availability. Prices on Google Express are set by each merchant, and in most cases you’ll pay the same amount as what you’d pay in-store.

Things that could change what you pay: 

  • Substitute options may have different prices than your original items because these prices, including the associated taxes and other fees the store charges, may vary based on current in-store item prices and availability.
  • Item prices may differ from time to time from the price the merchant lists on Google Express.  You're always charged the in-store amount, or the amount listed by the retailer, for items you order through our service.

Remember that in most cases the sales tax is determined by the location of the store, not your delivery address. However, sales tax on items purchased from merchants that ship directly from their warehouses will be calculated based on your delivery address. 

Read about sales tax and charges at checkout.

How charges & authorizations work 

  1. Once you place an order, the initial authorization charge to your card may first reflect the full amount seen in your packed confirmation email, or the Orders page on our site. You may also see a buffer to cover differences in item prices and other applicable fees.
  2. If you're applying a promo code or credit on an order containing items from multiple stores, you may see your card authorized for the full amount at first.
  3. The charge will be processed through Google Payments. You’ll see separate charges for each store you order from if you order from multiple stores, as well as a separate charge from Google for the shipping & service fee.
  4. You’ll see the final and actual amount charged to your card in the email confirming your order is on its way, and reflected on your Orders page on the site after delivery. 

Typically, it takes 7-10 business days for the final charge to process.

If you apply a promo code or cancel your order, you may not see the adjustment for several days on either your Google Payments account or your credit card statement.  

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