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Our return policy



Return policies vary by store, but our policy lets you return most items in new or as-delivered condition to Google Express for a full refund (excluding shipping & service fees) . You can send in your return up to 30 days after the date of delivery. This means even if your order came from a store that has a 15-day return policy, we’ll honor the more favorable policy – in this case, ours.

Restrictions may apply to items such as music, videos, software, and collectibles.  

Some stores on our site handle returns directly, rather than through Google Express. For a list of these stores and links to their return policies, skip to “Stores handling their own returns” below.

For most stores on Google Express

  • You can use our guide on how to start a return
  • If your return isn’t accepted by the store after inspection, or arrives after the return period, it will be sent back to you and your refund won’t be processed.
  • Not happy with the condition of your items when they arrive? Read up on what to do before starting a return.

We can't accept returns of gift cards or other cards with a prepaid value, loyalty programs, memberships, or experiences including event tickets or museum admissions. Get in touch with the store or organizer directly in these cases.

Note: When returning something, you won't be reissued any promotions or coupons you used to buy the item.

Stores handling their own returns

Some stores arrange delivery from their own warehouses and handle returns directly, rather than through Google Express. Click on the links below for return policies.

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