Ordering from Costco

Costco membership Information 

You’ll find your 12-digit Costco membership number on the back of your membership card. The name on your Costco membership card has to match the name you enter with your Costco membership on Google Express. 

Executive Membership

When applying an Executive membership number on Google Express, your purchase will count towards your 2% Executive Member Rebate.

A note on pricing

Prices are set at the company level, and are sometimes different on Google Express than in the store. Prices may also differ depending on the location of the store your items come from. 

Trouble with your Costco Order?

Check your email for a message from us. You’ll see in the email whether your Costco items couldn’t be checked out due to an invalid member number or an expired membership.

Find out how to troubleshoot your Costco order.


If you have any questions concerning your Costco membership or expiration date, we encourage you to contact the Costco Corporate Call Center at (800) 774-2678.

For any other questions about your Costco order, contact us. We’re happy to help.

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