Engagement Rewards by Google Terms of Service

Welcome to Engagement Rewards! These terms and conditions govern the Engagement Rewards program (“Engagement Rewards Terms”), and you agree that your participation in any offer or this program constitutes your understanding of and agreement to these terms and conditions. You also agree that your participation in any offer is subject to the Google Terms of Service and you understand that your personal information will be processed as described in the Google Privacy Policy.

How it works

Google provides the Engagement Rewards program to third parties who create and provide rewards (“Suppliers”), and application publishers (“Publishers”) who make applications available on Google Play that you can download and use (Suppliers and Publishers, collectively, “Partners”). Each reward offer will appear in a Publisher’s application, and identify the Supplier of the reward that may be available to you. If you meet the eligibility criteria for the Publisher’s offer, and take the required actions to earn the reward, then the Publisher will confirm you have earned a reward which you may then redeem from the Supplier.


To participate in an Engagement Rewards offer, you must meet the eligibility requirements for each such offer. Corporate accounts, education accounts, and accounts for users under the age of 18 are not eligible to participate. Google reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any user at its sole discretion. Details of the offers and the eligibility terms and conditions for each offer are provided in the Publisher’s mobile application. If you receive a reward offer in a Google application, then Google is also the Publisher, and if Google provides the reward, then Google is also the Supplier.

Personal information

Information we collect

In addition to the information listed in the Google Privacy Policy, we may also collect reward activity information. When you use Engagement Rewards and earn a reward, we may collect information about the reward activity including date and time when you earn a reward, the type of reward you earn, the Publisher of a reward, the Supplier of a reward, your progress toward earning a reward, and the status of your reward.

How we use information we collect

In addition to the uses listed in the Google Privacy Policy, we use the information we collect to provide you with the Engagement Rewards program, for customer service purposes, and to protect you from spam, abuse, fraud, or other third-party misconduct. We also use the information to determine whether you continue to meet eligibility requirements and for other legitimate business needs related to your activity initiated on Engagement Rewards.

Information we share

Google will sometimes share your information with our Partners or other users, as described below. In either case, information about you will always be shared consistent with the Google Privacy Policy.

Sharing with Partners

Google may need to share your personal information with our Partners in order to operate and improve the Engagement Rewards program, and you agree that we may do so. For example, Google and our Partners may share your personal information with one another to provide rewards to you which you have earned, or to decide what rewards to offer to you.

Sharing with other Users

Google and our Partners may need to share your information with other users in order to provide certain offers to you. For example, if you refer a reward offer to another user (or the reverse), then you agree that you can see each other’s names, contact information, and in some cases whether a reward has been redeemed. Other users may refer a reward to you only if they already have your contact information, and you agree that Google may share additional information about you with the referring user when you respond to their referral. Google will share such information as is described in the reward offer or that is helpful or necessary to provide the offer and redeem the reward.

Prohibited activity

Google may, in its sole judgement, disqualify users to prevent actual or suspected abuse of the Engagement Rewards program, including but not limited to fraud, illegal or prohibited acts, or other misuse (collectively, “Abuse”). Google may act on behalf of, or direct our Partners to act, to prevent Abuse. Such action will be taken in accordance with applicable laws or if required by a governmental authority, and can include, for example (but without limitation), temporary or permanent suspension of your access to the Engagement Rewards program, or rejection or cancellation of a specific reward. We may monitor your use of the Engagement Rewards program to detect Abuse, and share your usage information with third party providers to assist in these efforts.

Offer disclosures and limitations

If you do not claim a reward offered to you within 30 days, then your reward may be cancelled and in such case will no longer be available to you. Rewards are for your personal use, and are not transferable to other persons or between your own accounts. Unless otherwise indicated (or prohibited by law), all rewards will expire after one year if not used. If you cancel or otherwise fail to maintain the Partner account(s) or service(s) associated with your rewards, then any remaining and unused rewards will be lost and cannot be recovered, and you will not receive a refund or other credit. You may be responsible for taxes or usage fees incurred by your acceptance or use of rewards.

Program disclosures & limitations

Google maintains the right at its sole discretion to suspend or discontinue the Engagement Rewards program, or any offer within the program, at any time. In this event, you will, subject to these terms, keep any rewards already accepted; however, new rewards will no longer be available. Google may likewise modify the program in its sole discretion, including changing the criteria and qualifications to earn a reward, and also changing the form, content or quantity and value of rewards (including both for rewards offered and rewards already earned). Not all rewards are available to all users, and Google may at its discretion offer different rewards to different users. Any and all offers are void where prohibited by law.


Engagement Rewards program

You understand and agree that the Engagement Rewards program, but not the rewards themselves, is provided by Google. In the event of any complaint regarding the Engagement Rewards program separate from the rewards themselves, please contact Google and we will work with you to resolve it, where possible. Google’s commitments to you for the Engagement Rewards program are set forth in our Google Terms of Service.


You understand and agree that rewards are provided by Suppliers at the direction of Publishers. Google does not endorse, or provide any guarantees or warranties with respect to any reward on behalf of Suppliers or Publishers. In the event that you have a dispute with either a Supplier or Publisher related to a reward (a “Partner Dispute”), then you should contact the Supplier or Publisher for help. Google will assist you by forwarding your complaint to such Partner when reasonably possible or required by law, however, you agree that Google is not obligated to mediate Partner Disputes. You release Google and our affiliates, agents, contractors, officers and employees from all claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) arising out of or in any way connected with a Partner Dispute, and agree that you will not involve Google in any litigation or other dispute arising out of a Partner Dispute.

Additional terms from Google

The additional terms provided below (“Additional Terms”) apply to specific award types, and each offer made to you may likewise have specific additional terms (“Offer Terms”). To the extent that there is a conflict between any of these terms, first the Offer Terms shall dominate both the Additional Terms and Engagement Rewards Terms, and second the Additional Terms shall dominate the Engagement Rewards Terms, in each case solely to the extent such terms are in conflict. The Google Terms of Service, Engagement Rewards Terms, Additional Terms, and Offer Terms (collectively, “Google Terms”) describe your rights and govern your use of the Google Rewards platform.

Additional terms from Partners

Our Partners may also provide their own terms of service (“Partner Terms”) with respect to the applications and rewards that they provide to you (“Partner Services”). You understand and agree that the Partner Terms apply exclusively to the Partner Services, and not to the Google Rewards platform. Please read and make sure that you understand and agree to the Partner Terms. If you do not do so, you may not use the Google Rewards platform for the Partner Services governed by such Partner Terms.

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