Elastifile Standard Support Terms

Enterprise Support Services are included in the subscription to any of Elastifile's paid-for Software packages, at no additional cost to the Customer and in accordance with the terms herein. Such Enterprise Support Services will bear a fee specified in a proper order form as Additional Support Services for any support services provided with respect to any Elastifile’s Software which was not updated by Customer through installation of the then most recent Elastifile Software General Availability release, within 90 days from the official release date Elastifile.


General. The Enterprise Support Services will be provided to Customer’s designated Technical Contact(s), as designated in the order form. Designated Contacts can report support incidents over the web via elastifile-support@google.com or by calling Elastifile’s support line , excluding holidays, in accordance with the instructions under ‘Support Hours’ below. An Elastifile authorized support representative will call or email Customer within the applicable response times set forth herein based upon the severity levels and the support services purchased by the Customer and will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve each such incident. Actual resolution time will depend on the nature of the incident and the resolution required. A resolution may consist of a fix, work-around or other solution in Elastifile’s reasonable determination. The parties agree that the provisions contained herein relate solely to Elastifile errors with respect to the Software and thus all errors relating to any third party products or services, or caused directly or indirectly by Customer misuse, are excluded.




Support Hours. Enterprise Support - Customer can submit Severity 1 and 2 errors via Elastifile’s support line telephone contact us by phone on weekdays and weekends (24/7), including holidays. Support for cases of Severity Level 3 and 4 errors should be submitted via e-mail at contact us page or https://support.elastifile.com.


Elastifile Support Portal. Elastifile provides Customers with an extensive online documentation via the Elastifile Support Portal to designated contacts at https://support.elastifile.com. Access can be requested from the Elastifile Support Portal by clicking the Login button, or by emailing elastifile-support@google.com.


Reproducing Errors. Elastifile Support must be able to reproduce errors in order to resolve them. Customer agrees to cooperate and work closely with Elastifile Support to reproduce errors, including conducting diagnostic or troubleshooting activities as reasonably requested and appropriate.


Escalation/Severity Levels. Reproducible errors that cannot promptly be resolved will be escalated to higher support tiers for further investigation and analysis. Issues will be generally categorized and handled according to an assigned severity level. The level of the problems reported by Customer shall be reasonably determined by Customer in accordance with the Elastifile descriptions herein and confirmed by Elastifile.


Reference Elastifile Severity Level definitions published here

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