Limited Availability (LA)

The date a product is made available to limited customers pending criteria established by Elastifile and subject to approval by Elastifile management.

General Availability (GA)

The date a product is made publicly available for sale to all customers.

Active Support (AS)

The Active Support phase begins on the date of general availability (GA) of a release and lasts for a fixed duration. During the Active Support phase, for customers with active Elastifile subscriptions, Elastifile offers maintenance, bug and security fixes, and technical assistance as per the Elastifile Support Terms. Customers with Active Support are entitled to upgrade to new versions where additional features are generally made available.

Long Term Support (LTS)

The Long Term Support phase begins at the conclusion of the Active Support phase and lasts for a fixed duration. Technical support is available primarily through the self-help portal. Customers can also open a support request to receive support and work arounds on supported configurations only. During this phase Elastifile will not provide new features, updates or fixes. Elastifile will at its discretion provide security patches and bug fixes related to Sev1-3 issues.

End of Support Life (EOSL)

The last date on which a product will be supported by Elastifile.

End of Availability (EOA)

The last date on which a product will be available for purchase from Elastifile.

End of Distribution (EOD)

The last day Elastifile will make a product available as a download from or other means of distribution.

End of Sale (EOS)

The product is no longer offered as part of Elastifile portfolio and is not authorized for new deployments


Elastifile Support Severity Levels


Reproducible errors that cannot promptly be resolved will be escalated to higher support tiers for further investigation and analysis. Issues will be generally categorized and handled according to an assigned severity level. The level of the problems reported by Customer shall be reasonably determined by Customer in accordance with the Elastifile descriptions herein and confirmed by Elastifile.


Severity Level

Description and Examples

Initial Response Time



An incident, which blocks a critical capability of the Software or has a critical adverse impact on the Software functionality, security or performance, or causes loss of data and/or information, which in each case causes critical adverse impact on Customer’s business, for which there is no reasonable work around.

1 hour



An incident, which blocks or has major impacts on a major capability of the Software functionality, security or performance, which in each case causes a major adverse impact on Customer’s business, or an incident which would otherwise be considered a Sev1 but for which a reasonable work around exists.

2 hours



An incident which has an adverse impact on a capability of the Software functionality or performance which adversely impacts any Customer’s Authorized Servers and/or Customer’s business in a manner that is not minor.

4 hours



Any cosmetic issue or an issue which has minor impact on the Software and/or its performance.

Next business day


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