"Traces are not Written" Event


Traces are the Elastifile File System logs.

Those logs are kept on a dedicated partition on each of the storage nodes.

When the "traces are not written" event is raised there is an issue with writing the logs in the dedicated partition on the particular storage node mentioned with its IP.


What should you check?

Note the IP of the storage node mentioned in the event, and SSH to it through the EMS.

On the storage node, execute the following commands:

1. systemctl status elfs-traces-archiver.service

2. df -h /elastifile/log/traces/


What should you do?

1. In case of a failure on the above service, restart the service and check its status again.

2. In case of of a partition full, delete files older than 30 days from /elastifile/log/traces.


If the above mitigations didn't help or the issue persists, contact elastifile-support@google.com

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