How to Install Grafana

PLEASE NOTE:  Grafana is an internal tool for Elastifile support and cannot be used for customer usage. Elastifile does not support Grafana data cases.

Grafana is an open-source platform for monitoring and observability which allows Google Support Team to query, visualize, alert on and understand elastifile metrics

PLEASE NOTE: The procedure is valid for ECFS version or above. 

Step 1 :  Login to the EMS by SSH

Step 2 :  Get the Grafana installer script

  • For version or above, the script is located on the EMS at:


  • For any previous version, download the script manually by running:

    gsutil cp gs://elastifile-software-repo/scripts/ /tmp/

Step 3 : Execute the Grafana creation command:

bash /tmp/ create --admin_password <PASSWORD>

Accessing the Grafana Instance

  • The install script will provide the gcloud command to run in order to create SSH tunnel. This is how the command will look like :
    gcloud compute ssh --project <PROJECT> --zone <ZONE>
    --tunnel-through-iap --ssh-flag "-fNL
    localhost:3000:<GRAFANA_INSTANCE_NAME>:3000" <EMS_INSTANCE_NAME>
  • Normal SSH tunnel can also be used to access the grafana instance.

  • After that you can connect via https://localhost:3000 


Please contact Google Elastifile support at if you need any further help. 

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