Disable ClearTier (Data ILM)

ClearTier (Data ILM) is a feature to move live cold data to GCS bucket, not just snapshots.

This feature is currently not supported and must be disabled.

In order to easily disable the feature on all existing DCs:

1) Ssh to the EMS server as root, then login to elfs-cli using the below command -

source /root/elfs_admin

2) Run the below command to disable the feature on all DC's - 

for i in $(elfs-cli data_container list | awk '{print $1}' | grep -o '^[0-9]*$'); do elfs-cli data_container update --id $i --data_ilm data_ilm_disabled --automatic_data_ilm auto_data_ilm_disabled; done
For any new data container, created after the previous command was used, please run the following as well:
elfs-cli data_container update --id <NEW_DC_ID> --data_ilm data_ilm_disabled --automatic_data_ilm auto_data_ilm_disabled

3) Set the "Data Tiering Policy" to 100% and cooling time to 10 Years.

elfs-cli system update --id 1 --data-ilm-conditional-cooling-threshold 100 --data-ilm-atime-restriction 5259492 --data-ilm-primary-data-ratio 100

 In the GUI - 


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