Verify SNMP Functionality

Post-Installation verification of SNMP traps being sent from e-Manage to SNMP trap host

Step by Step Guide

  1. Download SNMP trap viewer on host

  2. Install and start SNMP trap viewer on host

  3. In Elastifile UI navigate to > System Settings > Notifications > SNMP

  4. Use UI "slider" to enable SNMP

  5. Add IP of SNMP trap host into "SNMP Server" field

  6. Use Elastifile UI action button "Test SNMP" to generate test SNMP trap

  7. Verify test SNMP trap was received on trap host


Make sure ports 161 and 162 are opened in the firewall between the EMS and the SNMP trap host server. 

You can also use netcat to test the connectivity between the two servers: 

1. Testing connection from EMS to SNMP trap host, run the following command on EMS: 
$ echo "test" | nc -vv -u <traphost_ip> 162

This will show an error on the SNMP trap host server, meaning SNMP port is opened between EMS and SNMP trap host. 

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