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What are the age restrictions for using Tour Creator? We have been using Tour Creator with our 11 Year old students but today they were blocked and when i…
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I cannot publish my tour. "There was a problem publishing your tour. Try again later" It's not the first time I face this problem. I'd like to know the reason in order to avoid it in fut…
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Can expeditions be used in a social studies classroom for the visually impaired and blind? I am a teacher of the blind and visually impaired. I want to bring something new into my classroom C… Tour Creator - Error - Can’t create tour. Check your internet connection and try again. I've tried to access Tour Creator using a Macbook and a PC. Browsers Safari, Chrome and Firefox and … Is there any way to add a video overlay of a person in front of a green screen over a 360 image? I was wondering if there is any way to add a video overlay for a 360 image. The video I am trying to… You don't have access to this service - after turning service on and waiting I have switched on Tour Creator in the Admin Console under additional services, waited 24 hours, but… Why are 360 photos high resolution when viewed in Google Photos, but when uploaded they become blury Hi I had a question of why the photosphere photos I have taken are clear when viewed in Google Photo… Try again later error message when trying to publish Hello, I have created a tour with three scenes and 10 points of interest but every time I try to pub…
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Error when uploading Cardboard Camera images. I have taken photos in Cardboard Camera on my iPad and my phone. When I upload them into Tour Creato… Help with Cover Photo I have used Google Image search and selected the size 800x800. The format is jpeg. I have tried nume… "Something went wrong. There was a problem publishing. Try again later. I created a tour with 8 scenes and added Points of Interests, with text and images and all was worki… Is it possible to download google expeditions on a laptop instead of an android device? I want to download expeditions on my laptop instead of on a tablet or phone Can I collaborate on building a tour? I just want to know if my friend and I can collaborate on a project for our students. Since when did they downgrade the maximum allowed size for an upload? It kills the quality. I have been using Tour Creator and Expeditions for a while now. We had a workflow running to do a tr…
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My 6th graders are denied access to Tour Creator. Any tips? I can’t find any support for this. Tour Creator says you need permission under age 13. Anybideas? Problems with narration when embedding When I embed my tour into my website (which is a page in the Schoology LMS) the narration won't work…
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Virtual tour I've requested a virtual tour months ago, and still have the same message: "A nearby trusted photogr… Can you link to a specific scene w/Tour Creator.. like link to scene 4 of 7 instead of starting at 1 Just published several tours... would like to aggregate them into 1 tour if I can link to a specific…
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