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How to add subtitles and html links to tour videos? Hi I would like to know if it is possible to add clickable html links and audio captions to tour vid…
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Is there any way to move a scene more than one step to the left or right at a time? I'm really enjoying Tour Creator, but I'm working on a tour which has many scenes and it's becoming … How do I create a 360 degree tour like streetview with navigation rather than scenes? I have lots of requests to create 360 degree tours or properties or spaces, but with the ability to …
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Is there any to way to monitor how many times the tour has been viewed? Hi, I am wondering is there a way to monitor how many times a tour has been viewed? connection problem I'm unable to connect it. how can I resolve this problem. Hello! How do I publish a virtual tour created with "Tour Creator" on Google StreetView? Thank you! I was wondering how do I publish a virtual tour created with "Tour Creator" on Google StreetView? Th… Account being deactivated soon but want to keep tours? Hi, I've been creating some quite detailed tours in google tour creator over the last few months usi… Is it possible to rearrange the order of scenes on Virtual Tour? I have created a tour but may want to alter the order of the scenes. Is this possible? How do I get the narration to continue playing even while viewing a point of interest in a scene? The narration stops working when clicking or viewing a point of interest. Is there any way to go aro…
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Nadir Logo Patch Blurry in Tour Creator I've attempted to add a logo patch to cover the tripod in my images. When I upload the images to htt…
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We'd like to work collaboratively to build the google tour. How do we share editing? Hi, We wish to have multiple contributors building our tour. How do I share editing? Can I get the ambient audio to autoplay rather than the viewer having to turn it on? I would like to have the ambient audio come on automatically when someone views my tour, rather than…
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Is there a limit to how many tours I can upload? I've never had any issues with publishing tours, but today when I try to publish a tour it keeps cal… Are the scenes deleted or modified in time? For how long am I going to be able to keep the scenes? Hi. We are planning to do a virtual mural tour. We need to know for how long do we keep the scene se… Hi, I have created my tour and input audio (mp3) into it.Now the audio is not working, how can I fix I have published my tour but the audio is not working at all. I have a student trying to use Tour Creator from her home computer. She has tried to log in with her Google account, but she gets the Error Message: We are sorry, but y… How can I shift camera view angle in the app. For example looking to the right instead of straight Create a tour where the camera angle is where I want it rather than the default How do I publish? My tour will not publish. I keep getting the message "There is a problem publishing-Please try again…
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How do I find all my street view photos? I have taken 360 photos using street view on my iphone and tagged them all to a location using the m… Why isn't Street View loading when I am trying to add a scene? When I click on Add Scene in Tour Creator, the Street View doesn't load.
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