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Join a group tour as an Explorer I am using a Daydream Standalone VR Headset for students to experience a Google Expedition. How does… How can I keep the POI description from blocking my image overlays? I created .png text and figures to overlay onto the scene, but each POI requires a title, which is s… I need to make google expeditions accessible to a totally blind student. ipad tools r not consistent I use Google Expeditions all the time with my teachers. I have a teacher who wants to use one and th…
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White connecting circle just keeps spinning. Won’t connect on any of my viewers. Any idea? I have done everything correctly I believe but when I try to get the viewers to connect the white CO… Does anyone know the specific ports required to allow Google Expeditions through a firewall I am trying to create a firewall application rule in Aerohive to allow the Google Expeditions to fun… How do I create my own AR expedition I am using tour creator to build examples of 360 tours and they are a big hit with my students. I wa… i can't change from daydreamer to a different viewer in expedition. help My expedition app offers no option to change from daydreamer mode. I don't have a daydreamer headset… Guide tablet and phones are on the same network, but won't connect. Hey all, I've got one of the Best Buy Expeditions VR Carts at one of our schools where the following…
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Can I run expeditions without a gmail account? I have a class set of Moto x android phones to run expeditions. I would like to be able to have stud… I am having trouble signing all my devices into the same google account to get the AR to work I have one Nokia smartphone that is signed into my class google account. When I launch an AR tour th…
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What are the AR with the twisting tornado and exploding volcano featured in the promo video? Our school just got the Expeditions kit. I'm trying to find the AR in the promo video showing a twis… Using Kaiser Baas VR-GX - no buttons Hi, I'm using Kaiser Baas VR-GX with Expeditions, the problem that I am having is that the points of… Guiding a Expedition with a Acer Chrome Tab over LAN We just got the new AR-VR Kit for our school. It comes with a Acer Chrome OS Tablet. I've installed … How does having one eye impact the user and his/her experience? I have a student with one eye. Her parent and I are seeking information about how having one eye may… I could not get my students who have a Samsung Halo or a Galaxy 8 onto the Google Expedition? I would like to know if it is even possible to get my students to have a Samsung Halo or a Galaxy 8 …
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How do I get google expeditions to run dependably? I'm having issues with expeditions running well. The explorer devices sporadically connect and disco… Expeditions crashes every time it is connected to the Internet - any suggestions? It connects to the closed WiFi network and can run a tour - we just cannot upload new tours because …
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Can guided tours be conducted in an online class where participants are miles and miles apart? I am unsure how the peer to peer network option works and if this would work for an online class. When I set a Starting Point, it is not working in Expeditions on Daydream on Lenovo Mirage. When I set a Starting Point, it is not working in Expeditions on Daydream on Lenovo Mirage but it do…
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