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What are the age restrictions for using Tour Creator? We have been using Tour Creator with our 11 Year old students but today they were blocked and when i…
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I cannot publish my tour. "There was a problem publishing your tour. Try again later" It's not the first time I face this problem. I'd like to know the reason in order to avoid it in fut…
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How does having one eye impact the user and his/her experience? I have a student with one eye. Her parent and I are seeking information about how having one eye may… I could not get my students who have a Samsung Halo or a Galaxy 8 onto the Google Expedition? I would like to know if it is even possible to get my students to have a Samsung Halo or a Galaxy 8 …
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Can expeditions be used in a social studies classroom for the visually impaired and blind? I am a teacher of the blind and visually impaired. I want to bring something new into my classroom C… My elementary students are not able to access Tour Creator. Is there is a minimum age? My elementary students are not able to access Tour Creator - from Chrome on their Apple laptop or iP… Publishing Error with Google Expeditions Tour Builder My tour is not publishing and we are trying to figure out why. All of the other student tours have p… How do I get google expeditions to run dependably? I'm having issues with expeditions running well. The explorer devices sporadically connect and disco… Tour Creator - Error - Can’t create tour. Check your internet connection and try again. I've tried to access Tour Creator using a Macbook and a PC. Browsers Safari, Chrome and Firefox and … VR Goggles' magnetic button does not work in Expeditions I've just bought a large number of sensofinity M1 VR Goggles for my school. The goggles work perfect… Expeditions crashes every time it is connected to the Internet - any suggestions? It connects to the closed WiFi network and can run a tour - we just cannot upload new tours because …
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