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Virtual tour I've requested a virtual tour months ago, and still have the same message: "A nearby trusted photogr… Can I collaborate on building a tour? I just want to know if my friend and I can collaborate on a project for our students. how do i place navigation arrows for a tour? Im trying to create a tour of a business to post on google maps. I cant get the navigational arrows … Help with Cover Photo I have used Google Image search and selected the size 800x800. The format is jpeg. I have tried nume… Does Google have an app that allows users to create AR content? I develop Augmented Reality images in HP Reveal. They just announced they're going to sunset the app… Google Expeditions showing a black screen Hi, I'm trying to get AR Expeditions to work on my school's Gen 5 iPads. According to everything I c… AR + Android + Chrome OS + Kiosk Mode When I have my Acer ChromeTab Student devices in the Expeditions Kiosk mode and joined in a guided s… Which VR viewers can I buy that will work with google expedition that are not made of cardboard I am looking for a VR viewer that will support the Google Expedition apps. I was thinking of getting… Audio narration not working even after turned on during tour in settings. Works on desktop. Audio tours are not working even after activated during tours in settings. They work on the desktop … We have ACER Spin 11s and cannot get any of them to connect to any expeditions on the network We have multiple ACER Spin 11 Chromebooks that run the Android app. They work fine in Guide mode, bu… When uploading cardboard camera pics to VR Tour Creator, the 360 image is black. Not uploading. I have taken the 360 photos using my iPhone 8 and the Cardboard Camera app. These saved to my camera… Having issues using a self-created VR tour in Google expeditions with iPads/Lenovo Mirage Solo We are trying to use Lenovo Mirage solo headsets to guide self-created tours from an iPad. We have a… Accessing Google Expeditions content on a school network. Thumbnails don't load and can't download. Hi Google Community, We are at a school based in Australia and use a filtering service called Cyberh… Mirage Solo Google Expeditions cannot see host on Android tablet I have been trying to get our set of Mirage Solo headsets to work in our school district for weeks n… Is there an age recommendation to use Google Expeditions? Specifically in any terms or service Is there any age recommendation to use Google Expeditions? Specifically mentioned in terms of servic… What are the min req to use Tour Creator on an iPad? We get a blank page after sign in Safari or Chr Hi, We are a school and trying to use Tour Creator on our iPads. After the Sign in Page all we get i… Is it possible to download google expeditions on a laptop instead of an android device? I want to download expeditions on my laptop instead of on a tablet or phone Issues Joining and Loading I'm a technology director and have engineered the entire districts infrastructure. I'm trying to reu… Can you get VR or AR on the Chrome Web Store? We have touch screens Chromebooks. We have touch screens. Can you get VR or Ar on the Chrome Web Store? or any merge cube apps? When guiding an expedition using a Chromebook, some of the slides do NOT have the orange play button There are missing start buttons on some slides when I try and be the guide for a Google Expedition. …
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