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How can I add my tour (poly link) to the public list of expeditions? I've created a tour for my students based on my recent trip to see the monarch in mexico. I have pub… What do the phones send out on the network so the tablet can discover them? I know this is a network problem but I need to know some technical questions in order to find the pr…
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"The American Revolution Begins" lists 9 scenes but once downloaded only shows 3. Why? I am trying to make sure that all scenes listed on the preview load. I have uninstalled and reinstal… How can I keep the POI description from blocking my image overlays? I created .png text and figures to overlay onto the scene, but each POI requires a title, which is s… i want to know what the cost is to deploy a virtual tour as public to a wide audience . and NFR's we have created a public tour, we plan to create something similar and deploy it for usage by a larg…
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How do I create my own AR expedition I am using tour creator to build examples of 360 tours and they are a big hit with my students. I wa… What are the age restrictions for using Tour Creator? We have been using Tour Creator with our 11 Year old students but today they were blocked and when i…
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I want to share an unlisted expedition with another teacher. Can I do this? I would like to share an unlisted Expedition with another teacher. It is a tour of our school used t…
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Can't get expeditions to download to our school Chromebooks, even with the G-Suite administrator. We cannot get Expeditions to download onto our Chromebooks. I sat down with our G-Suite administrato…
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Can apps be run through the router for student access? Or, do you have to do them on each device? I have tried looking in the Help resources and in the Community for an answer. I had 2 students lose their projects after several days of work. What happened? I had 2 of my students work on a Tour Creator project. The rest of the class is fine, but these 2 ki… Tour disapear Please, how to update a downloaded tour exactly, so that it wont disapear after 30 days ??? How can I share the individual scenes of a tour? How can I share the individual scenes of a tour? When I select "Share" and then "Incorporate" it mak… Other options for 360 photos? My students are creating tours of countries in Western Africa. Google Street View does not have many… Using Street View App on my iPhone for Tour Creator I am trying to make a tour for my students using photos of our campus. I have downloaded the Street …
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