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I have created a tour using pics from street view. When viewing the pics are distorted along top Tour images distorted along top edge... have deleted... reloaded... re-saved.... "Something went wrong. There was a problem publishing. Try again later. I created a tour with 8 scenes and added Points of Interests, with text and images and all was worki… Publishing Error - Something went wrong. There was a problem publishing your tour. Try again later. Why can't i publish a tour creator? Having issues using a self-created VR tour in Google expeditions with iPads/Lenovo Mirage Solo We are trying to use Lenovo Mirage solo headsets to guide self-created tours from an iPad. We have a… What are the min req to use Tour Creator on an iPad? We get a blank page after sign in Safari or Chr Hi, We are a school and trying to use Tour Creator on our iPads. After the Sign in Page all we get i…
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Tour Creator is no longer functional on iOS. Rotation of phone to insert into VR goggles fails In the past, google tour creator worked perfectly on an iOS device. Now, when you view a 360 image o… When I click on POI on publ Poly on iPhone 5 in a viewer (not Cardboard) it reverts to Safari menu It works on a 6 or anything higher. I can launch the tour and view in viewer. Just cannot use trigge…
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Possible to create Google Tour using android phone? I have been trying to upload panoramic photos onto a Google Tour but every time I do it says I need …
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Audio narration not working even after turned on during tour in settings. Works on desktop. Audio tours are not working even after activated during tours in settings. They work on the desktop … You don't have access to this service - after turning service on and waiting I have switched on Tour Creator in the Admin Console under additional services, waited 24 hours, but… Why do I see double vision when using Google Cardboard to view virtual tours made in Tour Creator? I created a tour in Tour Creator to experiment before unveiling the platform to students, who are ab… In Google's Tour Creator, I've been getting an error message for the past three weeks when trying to In Google's Tour Creator, I've been getting an error message for the past three weeks when trying to… Publishing Error with Google Expeditions Tour Builder My tour is not publishing and we are trying to figure out why. All of the other student tours have p… How to transfer a tour to another user in the same GSuite for Education domain We have 5 interns that will be completing a series of Google 360 Tours. They have created the tours … When will Google make tours sharable between accounts? Tours should be sharable between accounts. In a district that shares devices, we have to have a gene… When I try to guide a tour that I created in Tour Builder, the participant devices won't download it I have created my tour on Google Tour Builder through the web-based platform. Then I signed into my …
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tourcreator : failed to upload image due to the ratio of the picture I shot image with cardboardcamera APP, it's 360 degree picture , but I can't upload to tourcreator a…
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