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Since when did they downgrade the maximum allowed size for an upload? It kills the quality. I have been using Tour Creator and Expeditions for a while now. We had a workflow running to do a tr…
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My 6th graders are denied access to Tour Creator. Any tips? I can’t find any support for this. Tour Creator says you need permission under age 13. Anybideas? I'm attempting to contact a representative, either by email or phone, regarding Expeditions. I'm trying to contact a representative regarding Google Expeditions.
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how do i place navigation arrows for a tour? Im trying to create a tour of a business to post on google maps. I cant get the navigational arrows … Hi, how can I insert the questions and answers in a Google Expedition I make with Tour Creator? Tx! see below Audio narration not working even after turned on during tour in settings. Works on desktop. Audio tours are not working even after activated during tours in settings. They work on the desktop … Having issues using a self-created VR tour in Google expeditions with iPads/Lenovo Mirage Solo We are trying to use Lenovo Mirage solo headsets to guide self-created tours from an iPad. We have a… What are the min req to use Tour Creator on an iPad? We get a blank page after sign in Safari or Chr Hi, We are a school and trying to use Tour Creator on our iPads. After the Sign in Page all we get i… Can you link to a specific scene w/Tour Creator.. like link to scene 4 of 7 instead of starting at 1 Just published several tours... would like to aggregate them into 1 tour if I can link to a specific… Error when uploading Cardboard Camera images. I have taken photos in Cardboard Camera on my iPad and my phone. When I upload them into Tour Creato… How do I change the cover photo to a different photo in Google Tour Creator? I added a photo already but now I want to change it. There seems to be nothing to click in order to …
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I have created a tour using pics from street view. When viewing the pics are distorted along top Tour images distorted along top edge... have deleted... reloaded... re-saved.... "Something went wrong. There was a problem publishing. Try again later. I created a tour with 8 scenes and added Points of Interests, with text and images and all was worki…
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