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Virtual tour for business Hi, I'm working on a website and I need to include a virtual tour service. Can virtual tour be freel… A colleague of mine created a video for use with students. Can I go back in and add narratiion? My colleague created a tour of a local street with interactive elements. I want to go back in and ad… Is there a way to minimize or opt out of the point of interest window that appears in the tour? I have a lot of points of interests in my tour. Is there a way to eliminate the points of interest l…
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Why isn't Google Expeditions used more in the common K-6 classroom? Looking for broader answers as to why Google Expeditions and AR/VR is not more widely used in K-6 co… How to download a tour in a different language? All the tours are in English by default. This spreadsheet show the language available (last column),… Why can't I select anything using the cursor? I'm using the expeditions app on an up-to-date iPhone 8. When I'm in a tour, I can't "select" anythi… How can I add my tour (poly link) to the public list of expeditions? I've created a tour for my students based on my recent trip to see the monarch in mexico. I have pub… I want to share an unlisted expedition with another teacher. Can I do this? I would like to share an unlisted Expedition with another teacher. It is a tour of our school used t…
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Explores are unable to join a group tour. Explores cannot join group tour. Group tour does not appear under the class tab. Group tour only app…
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Tour Creator down in Chrome Tour Creator is not loading in Chrome. Loads fine in Safari and Firefox. Running latest version and …
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I have an Expeditions Kit from Best Buy and cannot sign in with my G-Suite logins. Who can help? We have the no-brand Magellan Android 7 phones that come as standard in the Expeditions EDU kits fro… Ambient Audio in VR mode not working. I am attempting to run my published tour in VR on my phone (iPhone SE). If I just hit "View" the aud…
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We had to factory reset one of the expeditions and we cannot get it back to its original state. Trying to get one of our Expeditions set back up to work with our system. We had to factory reset it… Why sound is not working I added sound to my Tour Creator Project. It is not played when the pano is openned. Thanks Some of my devices are stuck on the Hold On screen. How do I troubleshoot that? I have 20 3rd generation iPad Airs (up to date with 13.1.2 software) and a handful of the devices ar…
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I cannot publish my tour. "There was a problem publishing your tour. Try again later" It's not the first time I face this problem. I'd like to know the reason in order to avoid it in fut…
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Expeditions crashes every time it is connected to the Internet - any suggestions? It connects to the closed WiFi network and can run a tour - we just cannot upload new tours because …
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Problems with narration when embedding When I embed my tour into my website (which is a page in the Schoology LMS) the narration won't work… Problems loading tours try again. Version 2.2190108036 Samsung Nokia 5 We have 30 Samsung Nokia Phones that are used with our VR headsets in the high school. We are using … When i run an expedition a few of my smartphones view this blurred and lagging like motion sickness Trying to run a google expedition which runs fine on 12/14 android devices however two of these are …
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