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AR core is not supported, please bring its uptake for the Moto A4 Plus .. AR core is not supported, please bring its uptake for the Moto A4 Plus .. 6th Gen iPad won't connect to Expedition Markers for AR tour I have a set of 10 iPads (6th gen) attempting to join an AR expedition. The camera sees the markers … How do I remove the current owner under users in the phone? I added a new user since the default one have us many problems. Now I can not remove the test that i…
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Expedition makers Do the Expedition makers need to be in color or can I print them in black Tour disapear Please, how to update a downloaded tour exactly, so that it wont disapear after 30 days ??? App crashing I have iOS 9.3.5 after I try to view an Expedition the App crashes. Sometimes it will let me stay in… How do I change the icon for a POI? I thought there were choices for the icons for a POI, but I can't find them. (I'm not referring to a… Using cardboard lenses without a clic button When we watch a tour, we can´t change scenes because the cardboard can do clic on a specific button.… On iPad, Expeditions App closed when trying to open the Guide or View in AR After update to version 2.2.1 Expeditions app crash when trying to use the Guide or View in AR. Vers… How do I get the magnetic button to make my selection? It only works in the cardboard demo, not Exp I have tried downloading again Can I use a Kindle to create tours for my classroom or does it have to be a tablet? I have read that it is easier to host the tours using a tablet. I am wondering if I can use a Kindle… Do I need a remote with my VR headset to navigate artifacts on solo? I’m trying to get past the first scene on the holocaust. I’m touring solo. I can’t sign in I can’t seem see anything it just says to sign in
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Expedition Crashes and possible cause found We are having the issue where the app crashes upon joining a tour. We use iPads from 4th generation …
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Expeditions Incompatible with iPhones I have created an expedition using Google Tour Creator and am trying to guide it from my Samsung s8 …
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