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Devices won’t stay connected I have iPhone 5s to use with iPads guiding. The problem I am having is that they connect to the guid…
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How does having one eye impact the user and his/her experience? I have a student with one eye. Her parent and I are seeking information about how having one eye may… i can't change from daydreamer to a different viewer in expedition. help My expedition app offers no option to change from daydreamer mode. I don't have a daydreamer headset… VR Goggles' magnetic button does not work in Expeditions I've just bought a large number of sensofinity M1 VR Goggles for my school. The goggles work perfect… How do I fix a tour not downloading? I created a tour for a group of teachers in April (Morgan Falls Hydroelectric Power Plant). The teac… Expedition Crashes and possible cause found We are having the issue where the app crashes upon joining a tour. We use iPads from 4th generation …
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Virtual tour I've requested a virtual tour months ago, and still have the same message: "A nearby trusted photogr… For a new Expeditions kit- does each device need it's own Google account, or can they share? I'm trying to set up a new expeditions kit for our library. Before I go too far down the rabbit hole… Upload photospheres to Cardboard Camera? Is it possible to take photos taken in the Google Street View app, export them to my gallery, and th…
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I just got dream vr with buttons attached to the headset. These aren't working with google cardboard I have tried switching the mode, hasn't worked.
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Is there an age recommendation to use Google Expeditions? Specifically in any terms or service Is there any age recommendation to use Google Expeditions? Specifically mentioned in terms of servic… AR core is not supported, please bring its uptake for the Moto A4 Plus .. AR core is not supported, please bring its uptake for the Moto A4 Plus .. 6th Gen iPad won't connect to Expedition Markers for AR tour I have a set of 10 iPads (6th gen) attempting to join an AR expedition. The camera sees the markers … How do I remove the current owner under users in the phone? I added a new user since the default one have us many problems. Now I can not remove the test that i…
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Expedition makers Do the Expedition makers need to be in color or can I print them in black Tour disapear Please, how to update a downloaded tour exactly, so that it wont disapear after 30 days ??? How do I change the icon for a POI? I thought there were choices for the icons for a POI, but I can't find them. (I'm not referring to a… Using cardboard lenses without a clic button When we watch a tour, we can´t change scenes because the cardboard can do clic on a specific button.…
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