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Accessing Google Expeditions content on a school network. Thumbnails don't load and can't download. Hi Google Community, We are at a school based in Australia and use a filtering service called Cyberh… Mirage Solo Google Expeditions cannot see host on Android tablet I have been trying to get our set of Mirage Solo headsets to work in our school district for weeks n… Issues Joining and Loading I'm a technology director and have engineered the entire districts infrastructure. I'm trying to reu… Is the updated Expeditions app crashing for other people? I updated the Expeditions app on the guide device as well as the student devices yesterday. The app … I am unable to download Google Expeditions to my guide tablet. I have a dedicated router that is connected to the internet, guide table and student devices. It runs expeditions beautifully, but it will not allow me to download new ones. Who can help? i am trying to download an expedition from the offerings to my Android guide tablet. How do I get google expeditions to run dependably? I'm having issues with expeditions running well. The explorer devices sporadically connect and disco… Explorers lose connection We have 4 VR carts within our school district. We are working through a Work Profile to download and… Can guided tours be conducted in an online class where participants are miles and miles apart? I am unsure how the peer to peer network option works and if this would work for an online class. Problem opening expeditions After updating Asus devices to newest v. of expeditions app, when opening the app, it quickly flashe… Can I use expeditions with a set of ipads (not phones) I'm trying to show the children the rainforest VR but don't know if this is possible with just ipads… Is there danger connecting the Goggles to our local network? I want to have "sets" of tours running. We have a Google Expeditions Kit (Best Buy) and I would like to be able to view tours our students c… What domains are used for the expeditions app? The expeditions don't download because of filter. 1.)I have unblocked all the domains from this discussion: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!m…
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