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AR + Android + Chrome OS + Kiosk Mode When I have my Acer ChromeTab Student devices in the Expeditions Kiosk mode and joined in a guided s…
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my group doesn't see anything in ar tours. They are AR capable, but I can't get the image to appear I have tried starting the tour and having kids put their camera over the marker. Nothing shows excep… I want to know whether I can use expedition in my marketing project in pharma. I want to educate physicians about our pharmaceutical product and thus I want to consult you.
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How to use 3D objects in Expeditions AR I've created and uploaded a 3D object in Poly . What are the steps now to create an AR Expeditions t… Can you get VR or AR on the Chrome Web Store? We have touch screens Chromebooks. We have touch screens. Can you get VR or Ar on the Chrome Web Store? or any merge cube apps? Google Expeditions showing a black screen Hi, I'm trying to get AR Expeditions to work on my school's Gen 5 iPads. According to everything I c…
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When uploading cardboard camera pics to VR Tour Creator, the 360 image is black. Not uploading. I have taken the 360 photos using my iPhone 8 and the Cardboard Camera app. These saved to my camera…
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What do I need to add to the VR Expeditions kit to use the AR features? My school has the Google Expeditions kit, which we love, but I was wondering what is involved in bei… The Expeditions updated version not letting my students scan AR codes. How can I fix this? Error with updated Expedition app AR tours. I have downloaded an expedition. I try to lead it but it is all black. I have had it downloaded and done it prior but all of a sudden it is black and nothing shows up on the tablet or the student devices. I have downloaded an expedition. I try to lead it but it is all black. I have had it downloaded and … Does anyone know why the Tornado expedition and Forces of Nature expeditions will not download fully deleting the expedition and downloading again? No trouble with other expeditions, only these two. The tablet that came with my Google Expeditions kit won't download an AR tour called, Bridges. AR won't download Using an iPhone 6s and AR will just show a white/grey background with subject in the middle. Tried reinstalling app. Off and On again, and tried a few different AR's making sure my camera is ac… Expeditions AR guide not working without internet access Everything When my students click “join” to be added to my tour it only shows color blocks. Any idea why? Color Blocks
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