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Since when did they downgrade the maximum allowed size for an upload? It kills the quality. I have been using Tour Creator and Expeditions for a while now. We had a workflow running to do a tr…
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My 6th graders are denied access to Tour Creator. Any tips? I can’t find any support for this. Tour Creator says you need permission under age 13. Anybideas? Problems with narration when embedding When I embed my tour into my website (which is a page in the Schoology LMS) the narration won't work…
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Hi, I have tours downloaded. My problem is only two other ipads can access the tour at a time. Checked settings. Connected, reconnected.
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I'm attempting to contact a representative, either by email or phone, regarding Expeditions. I'm trying to contact a representative regarding Google Expeditions.
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Virtual tour I've requested a virtual tour months ago, and still have the same message: "A nearby trusted photogr… Problems loading tours try again. Version 2.2190108036 Samsung Nokia 5 We have 30 Samsung Nokia Phones that are used with our VR headsets in the high school. We are using … how do i place navigation arrows for a tour? Im trying to create a tour of a business to post on google maps. I cant get the navigational arrows … When i run an expedition a few of my smartphones view this blurred and lagging like motion sickness Trying to run a google expedition which runs fine on 12/14 android devices however two of these are … Help with Cover Photo I have used Google Image search and selected the size 800x800. The format is jpeg. I have tried nume… For a new Expeditions kit- does each device need it's own Google account, or can they share? I'm trying to set up a new expeditions kit for our library. Before I go too far down the rabbit hole… Does Google have an app that allows users to create AR content? I develop Augmented Reality images in HP Reveal. They just announced they're going to sunset the app… Google Expeditions showing a black screen Hi, I'm trying to get AR Expeditions to work on my school's Gen 5 iPads. According to everything I c… AR + Android + Chrome OS + Kiosk Mode When I have my Acer ChromeTab Student devices in the Expeditions Kiosk mode and joined in a guided s…
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