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Can Expedition only be used with Google Cardboard? Do I have to use the Google Cardboard Goggles, or can they be used with any plastic googles (ex. VR … Expedition States of Matter Liquid Screen The liquid screen in the states of matter expedition shows a weird yellow laser during AR instead of… Tour Creator not opening? I am trying to open up Tour Creator so that I can access a tour I have been creating and edit it but…
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Tour Creator down in Chrome Tour Creator is not loading in Chrome. Loads fine in Safari and Firefox. Running latest version and …
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No interaction with Tour on Oculus Quest VR-mode I'm using an Oculus Quest to watch a tour I created for my students. I open the tour in the Oculus b…
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Do Samsung devices work better than iPhones as a guide device? When trying to run a Google Expedition with a classroom set of iPhones, I often have trouble getting…
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Why is the explorer's device stuck on "Hold on: Your guide is getting ready"? Everything is set up correctly to guide a tour. When I go to join the tour as an explorer, the explo… Can not downloads Tours with gsuite account I can download Tours with any standard free google account fine. But, when I login with my GSuite ac…
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Google Play says my device (Samsung Galaxy s7 edge) is not compatible. I checked the device requirements before buying the phone and now I cannot download the app. Is ther… Join a group tour as an Explorer I am using a Daydream Standalone VR Headset for students to experience a Google Expedition. How does… How can I keep the POI description from blocking my image overlays? I created .png text and figures to overlay onto the scene, but each POI requires a title, which is s… App crashing I have iOS 9.3.5 after I try to view an Expedition the App crashes. Sometimes it will let me stay in…
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