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I have a set of VR devices from VR Shineconand I can't get the mouse to work. Ideas? I'm using the Expeditions app and cannot get the device to move to the next slide or respond when I …
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Does it take a set length of time after publishing a tour before people can find it in Expeditions? Basically, I have created a number of tours in Google Tour Creator, and published them publicly, but… Expeditions AR guide not working without internet access Everything I cant access tour creator from a G suite account, even if the service was activated 6 days ago My account G Suite was enabled 6 days ago for using Tour creator. Administrator correctly activated …
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Tour Creator - Error - Can’t create tour. Check your internet connection and try again. I've tried to access Tour Creator using a Macbook and a PC. Browsers Safari, Chrome and Firefox and … Some of my devices are stuck on the Hold On screen. How do I troubleshoot that? I have 20 3rd generation iPad Airs (up to date with 13.1.2 software) and a handful of the devices ar…
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I am having trouble signing all my devices into the same google account to get the AR to work I have one Nokia smartphone that is signed into my class google account. When I launch an AR tour th…
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AR expeditions are not using camera - just small version of AR object against a white background. AR expeditions do not use camera - just small version of AR object against a white background. I hav… Tour Creator is no longer functional on iOS. Rotation of phone to insert into VR goggles fails In the past, google tour creator worked perfectly on an iOS device. Now, when you view a 360 image o… What are the AR with the twisting tornado and exploding volcano featured in the promo video? Our school just got the Expeditions kit. I'm trying to find the AR in the promo video showing a twis… How do I view my Tour Creator tour on my iOS device? Hello! I have the most up-to-date OS and the newest version of the app on my iPad mini. I am logged … 360 tour I am creating in Boston has multiple floors. How do I work with street view & vr tour? I am in charge of a team with a Google Street View Trusted member. The job is to create a virtual to…
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Apps keep crashing on device phone LG Keeps crashing badly, all apps.
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