Share an Expeditions tour or scene

You can share a link or QR code to a tour or a scene so students can directly access the tour or scene. You can add the link or QR code to a document, including assignments and lesson plans, or to Classroom. Students can open the link on any mobile device or an Expeditions-compatible Chromebook.

Copy a link to share

  1. On your mobile device, tap Expeditions Expeditions.
  2. Sign in with your Google Account.
  3. On the tour or the scene that you want to share, tap Share "".
  4. On Android, choose where you want to copy the link.
  5. On iOS, choose an option:
    • To send the link, tap Message, Mail, or More "" and then an option.
    • To copy the link, tap More "" and then Add to Reading List or Copy.
  6. Choose an option:
    • Share the copied link with your students.
    • Use the link to create a QR code to share with students. See Create a QR code.

Create a QR code

  1. On your mobile device, install a QR code generator from the Play Store or the Apple® App Store®.
  2. Enter the link URL into the QR code generator.
  3. Test the code to make sure it works.
  4. Add the QR code to your lesson plan, assignment, or Classroom to share with students.

Open a shared tour or scene

You need a device that’s compatible with the Expeditions app. If you have the app on your device, tap or click the link or scan the QR code to open the tour or scene. If you don’t have the app, you need to download it.

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