Tour Creator FAQ

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Using Tour Creator

Can I use Tour Creator with my account?

If you have a G Suite for Education account and your school is K–12, your administrator has to turn on Tour Creator. If you have a G Suite Business account, Tour Creator might be on, depending on whether your administrator sets new products to be on automatically.

If you can't sign in to Tour Creator, contact your administrator. Administrators, see Turn on Tour Creator.

Can I save my tour and edit it later?

You can edit your tours at any time and all your changes autosave. You can see your tours on the Tour Creator homepage. Click a cover photo to open and edit a tour. For details, see Edit or delete a tour.

If you edit after you publish a tour, republish the tour. Your changes are included in the new version.

Do I have to add a category to my tour?

Categories help viewers find your tours on Poly, where they’re hosted after you publish the tour. If you don't want your tour categorized or found in searches, don’t add categories and keep your tour unlisted. For more information, see Create a tour.

How do I enable audio in a tour on Poly?

You can enable audio for any tour that has sound. For details, see Enable audio on Poly.

How do I add overlays to my tour?

Beneath the point of interest, click Insert image Insert image and follow the instructions.

What cameras are recommended for Tour Creator use?

A Ricoh Theta camera is recommended, but any camera that takes 360-degree photospheres should work well with Tour Creator. For details, see Camera options.

What's the optimal length for a tour?

Tours can vary in length, but 6–8 scenes per tour works well.

If you want to guide your tour in the Google Expeditions app, it must be under 5 MB (6–8 scenes won’t exceed this amount).

Who can see my tours?

Can I or anyone else view my tours?

When you finish creating your tour, you publish it to Polyas:

  • Public—Your tour is available for anyone to view.
  • Unlisted—Only users with the URL can view the tour.

You can view your tour on Tour Creator or Poly. You can also embed your tour on your website or your school’s website.

For more information, see Publish your tour.

When you create a tour in Tour Creator, you can download it in the Expeditions app and it’ll be added to My Tours. Search for your tour and tap it to download it.

  • As unlisted, it’s only available to you or to anyone with whom you share your tour.
  • As public and available for anyone to view, anyone who likes it on Poly can download your tour to Expeditions on their device.

For details, see Find and download tours and View your tour on Expeditions.

Adding tours to Expeditions

Can I view my tour on my Expeditions kit?

You and your students can view your published tours on Poly using devices in your Expeditions kit.

If you create and publish a tour, you can download it in the Expeditions app and guide your students on the tour. For details, see View your tour in Expeditions.

Can I get my tour published in the Expeditions app?

When you create a tour in Tour Creator, you can download it to the Expeditions app. The tour is added to your My Tours.

If you want to add your tour to the 1,000+ tours in the public Expeditions app, fill out this form. Content partners should also complete the form.

Due to high demand, please allow 3–4 weeks for a response.

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