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All tours you create in Tour Creator are published as public or unlisted on Poly, Google’s library for 3D assets. If your tour is public, anyone on the web can view it on desktop, mobile device (Android and Apple® iOS®), or in virtual reality (VR) using a VR viewer such as Google Cardboard.

If you keep your tour unlisted on Poly, only people with the direct link can view it and it won’t appear in search results. You can share the tour URL with your students.

Tours you create and publish appear in your Expeditions app, as well as tours you like or share on Poly. For details, see View your tours in Expeditions.

Publish your tour

  1. Create your tour in Tour Creator.
  2. At the top right, click Publish.
  3. Decide whether you want your tour to be public or unlisted.
    • To keep your tour public and available for anyone to view, click Publish.
    • To make your tour unlisted, click the Down arrow ""and then Unlisted and then Publish.
  4. Choose an option:
    • To see your tour in Poly, click the URL or View tour.
      Your tour opens in a new tab.
    • To copy the URL for the tour, click Copy "" and paste it in another location.
    • To see your published tour in VR, on your mobile device, open the link and tap Cardboard "" in the top-right corner.
  5. To close the URL window, return to the tour page and click Done.
  6. (Optional) To access your tour again, from the tour page, click More "" and then View published tour.

Enable audio on Poly

You can enable audio for any tour that has sound.

  1. Click a tour.
  2. On the top-right corner, click Settings "".
  3. Click Turn narration on or Turn ambient audio on.

Share your tour

  1. If you didn’t open your tour in Poly from Tour Creator, open Poly and sign in.
  2. Click Menu "" and then Your profile.
  3. Click the tour you want to share.
  4. Choose from the following options:
    • Copy the URL from the address bar to share it with your students, if your tour is unlisted.
    • To share your tour on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, click Share "" and follow the instructions.
    • To embed your tour on a website:
      1. Click Share "" and then Embed Embed.
      2. Copy the code and paste it wherever you want to embed your tour.
    • To view the tour in the Expeditions app, click Share "" and then on your mobile device, tap Expeditions. For details, see View your tours in Expeditions.

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