Get an Expeditions kit

To use Google Expeditions in a group setting, you need to buy an Expeditions kit or build your own. You can also explore on your own using a compatible device.

Option 1: Buy a kit

You can buy a kit that’s compatible with virtual-reality (VR) tours or one that’s compatible with VR and augmented-reality (AR) tours.

The kits have:

  • A tablet and mobile phones pre-installed with the Expeditions app
  • VR viewers
  • A router that allows Expeditions to run over its own local Wi-Fi network
  • Chargers
  • A storage case

AR-compatible kits also have:

  • AR-compatible mobile phones
  • (Optional) Selfie sticks for AR-compatible devices

You can get kits in different sizes from various suppliers. Check the table to find a supplier for your location.

Supplier Region Kit type
Aquila Education USA, EU VR and AR
Best Buy Canada Canada VR
Best Buy Education USA VR and AR
eWeb360 Canada VR
Lenovo North America VR
Lumos Education Solutions Singapore VR
Office Depot USA VR
RedboxVR Worldwide VR and AR
RobotLAB Worldwide VR and AR
Synnex USA VR
Synnex Canada Canada VR
TFE Solutions Australia VR
Tierney USA VR
Troxell USA VR
Vitasys Netherlands VR
VRXOne Middle East VR and AR

Option 2: Build your own kit

Expeditions works on Chrome OS, as well as Android and Apple® iOS® devices.

To guide using a Chrome device, your device needs Chrome OS 76, coming in August 2019, and Android 9. To track the latest updates, follow the Chrome releases Keyword blog.

To build your own kit, you need:

  • A mobile device for the guide—We recommend a tablet or a convertible chromebook.
  • Mobile phones—The devices must fit into the VR viewers you choose. See Expeditions device requirements.
  • VR viewers—One per mobile device. Check the manufacturer's website to make sure they work with your devices. We recommend Google Cardboard.

    Note: Explorers (users following a guide) can view VR tours in full-screen mode without a VR viewer. For details, see Guide a group tour or Go on a solo tour.

  • A router that allows Expeditions to run over its own local Wi-Fi network. For details, see Set up a new router.
  • The Expeditions app downloaded on all devices. For details, see Get the Expeditions app.
  • (Optional) A speaker or headphones to provide sound.
  • (Optional) Selfie sticks for AR-compatible devices.

Option 3: Explore on your own

To explore on your own, you need:

For details on exploring on your own, see Go on a solo tour.

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