Find and download expeditions

To go on an expedition, you need to find and download expeditions to your Android or Apple® iOS® device.

Step 1: Find an expedition

  • On your mobile device, tap Expeditions Expeditions.
  • Choose an option:
    • Scroll vertically to browse expeditions and view featured tours.
    • Tap SearchSearch and enter the name of the expedition or a subject. Or, select a category.
    • In a web browser, view the list of available expeditions. Then, return to the Expeditions app and search for that title.

For AR expeditions, you’ll see Augmented reality Augmented reality.

For VR expeditions, you’ll see Cardboard Cardboard.

Step 2: Download an expedition

  1. Connect your device to the web.
  2. On the expedition, tap Download Download.

    The Checkmark Check mark indicates that the expedition downloaded.
    Downloaded expedition

  3. Tap Saved to see all your downloaded tours.

Remove and update expeditions

Remove an expedition


  • On the expedition, tap More More and then Remove download and then Remove.
  • On the expedition, tap Checkmark Check mark and then Remove.


  • Tap Menu Menu and then Settings and then Remove downloaded expeditions and then Remove.

    Note: This removes all downloaded expeditions.

Content updates

Most mobile devices automatically download updates to content. If you don’t connect your guide device to the web at least every 60 days, downloaded expeditions are removed from your device.

To prevent this, you should:

  • Connect your guide device to the web every 60 days and pull down the expeditions list to refresh content.
  • Verify that your device has the correct date and time so content isn't prematurely removed.

We announce new content regularly in the Google+ Expeditions Community. We also share updates in Tuesday Tips on Twitter at @GoogleForEdu.

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