Fix connectivity issues

As a Guide, you can prepare your connection to successfully lead an expedition. Downloading, leading, and connecting to an expedition can have different requirements.

Download and begin an expedition

  • To install the Expeditions app and download an individual expedition, you need an Internet connection.
  • To begin an expedition, you only need a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network.

Important: Check with your IT admin to see if your school Wi-Fi network is turned on for peer-to-peer networking. If a peer-to-peer network isn’t available, use a standalone router or run a hotspot from a phone.

Help explorers connect to an expedition

When you begin an expedition, you need to make sure everyone is connected:

  1. Connect to a local Wi-Fi network (not Internet).
  2. Open Expeditions on all devices.
  3. Verify that explorers have connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Guide.
  4. Verify how many explorers are connected.
Explorers can't connect to your expedition

If explorers can't connect to your expedition, use the in-app troubleshooting tool:

  1. In an expedition, tap People .
  2. On the Explorer connectivity dialog box, tap Connect Explorers.
  3. The troubleshooting tool will take you through the following steps:
    1. Tap Next or Open Wi-Fi Settings.
    2. When all screens are on, tap Next.
    3. Tap the Invite Explorers link to send a new invitation.
    4. When you're all connected to the same network tap Next.
    5. Check the number of explorers you have connected.
      • If everyone isn't connected, tap Invite More.
      • If no explorers are connected, switch Wi-Fi networks or routers, and start step 1 again.
Explorer's phone can’t find the Wi-Fi network

If an explorer's phone can't find the Wi-Fi network, verify that Wi-Fi is enabled on the device.

  1. Tap Settings and then Wi-Fi.
  2. Make sure Wi-Fi is On On and the device is connected to the same network as your guide device.
Connect explorers to the correct expedition

If explorers select the wrong expedition, tell them to leave the incorrect expedition:

  1. Tap Close Close and confirm.
  2. Find the correct expedition and join it.
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