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Begin an expedition

Before you lead an expedition, make sure you've completed the preparation steps, especially checking your Wi-Fi connection. 

Choose how you'll participate in an Expedition

Expeditions are group experiences with a guide leading and the explorers following along. There must always be a guide to lead an expedition; explorers can't enter an expedition without a guide. We recommend a tablet for the guide and phones with Cardboard, a virtual reality viewer, for the explorers. You can purchase a kit with the recommended devices from Best Buy.

You'll be asked to pick a role (Lead for guide and Follow for explorer) as soon as you open the Expeditions app. If you want to change the role on a specific device, you can switch the role within the app:

  1. Tap Guide or Explorer at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap Lead to be a guide or tap Follow to be an explorer.

Lead an expedition

  1. Open the Expeditions app and tap Lead if you haven't already selected the guide role.
  2. Make sure your explorers are connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can see how many explorers are connected next to People  at the top.
    • If there are no explorers present, tap Connect Explorers or People  and see Networking problems for help.

    • To connect from the explorer devices, tap the red Open Wi-Fi Settings link to turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the correct network.
    • If the explorers are connected but the guide is not, they'll see the message "Hold on. Looking for guide." Connect your guide device to the same network as the explorers to begin.
  3. Open a downloaded expedition or browse to find a new one. You need to be connected to the Internet to download a new expedition.

After everyone joins an expedition, you can get started. You can only play the scene that’s currently selected.

Start a scene
  1. Scroll left and right to pick a scene in the expedition.
  2. Tap Continue.
  3. Swipe from the bottom to review notes, questions, or other information.

    Gif showing the

In the scene description, you can also review and select points of interest. A point of interest is an object in a scene which you may wish to discuss with your explorers. The points of interest added by the creators of each expedition have a description, and you can tap on one to point your explorers to it. They will see arrows to guide them to the point of interest on their screens.

To create your own point of interest within a scene, tap and hold on the area you want explorers to view. The point of interest icon will appear and explorers will be directed to it with arrows on their screens.

To remove a point of interest, tap on the icon. The icon will disappear, and explorers will no longer see arrows on their screens directing them to the point of interest.

Navigate between scenes

You can scroll through the names of other scenes without changing the current one. However, you can’t review the contents of another scene without starting it. Selecting a new scene changes the scene for explorers, too.

Focus on a location

Anytime you pause a scene to ask a question or discuss it, explorers screens freeze and display the message "Paused by Teacher." The scene returns when you tap Play Continue again.

  1. Tap Pause Pause to pause a scene.

  2. Tap and hold a spot in a scene. Explorers will see an arrow directing them to that spot.
End an expedition

To quit an expedition, tap Close next to the expedition title at the top of your screen.

Join an expedition

Explorers can choose to join an expedition that is already in progress.

  1. Open the Expeditions app and tap Follow.
  2. Find the expedition that the guide started, and tap Follow.

  3. Place the phone in your viewer.
  4. Move your head to look around.
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