Go on an expedition as a group

When you open the Expeditions app, you pick a role:

  • Guide—Usually a teacher who leads an expedition on a tablet. In this role, you choose the expedition, focus on scenes, and highlight points of interest.
  • Explorer—Usually a student who follows an expedition on a phone. In this role, you look at what the Guide highlights as a point of interest or scene.

When going on a group expedition, only a Guide can lead an expedition. Explorers can’t join a group expedition without a Guide.

Pick your role

Be a Guide or Explorer

  1. On your mobile device, tap Expeditions Expeditions.
  2. Tap Lead to be a Guide or tap Follow to be an Explorer.
    Tap Lead Tap Follow

Switch your role

  1. At the top of the home screen, tap Guide or Explorer.
    Guide or explorer
  2. Tap Lead to be a Guide or tap Follow to be an Explorer.
    Tap Lead Tap Follow

Alternatively, you can tap Menu Menu , tap Switch role and then Lead (to be a Guide) or Follow (to be an Explorer).

Lead an expedition

Before you lead an expedition, complete the preparation steps and check your Wi-Fi connection. For more details, see Set up your Wi-Fi network.

For details on downloading expeditions, see Find and download expeditions.

Open an expedition

  1. On your mobile device, tap Expeditions Expeditions and then Lead.
    Tap Lead
  2. Tap to download an expedition or browse to find a new one. 
    For more details, see Find and download expeditions.
  3. When the expedition is finished downloading, tap anywhere on the expedition, then tap Play Play.
    Play a scene
  4. Instruct Explorers to join the expedition.
    At the top next to People People, you can see how many Explorers are connected.

Focus on a scene

Expeditions are comprised of several segments, called scenes. Scenes contain integrated descriptions, talking points, and questions.

Play a scene

  1. After opening an expedition, scroll horizontally to pick a scene and tap Play Play.
    Note: You can scroll through the names of other scenes without changing the current one. However, you can’t review the contents of another scene without starting it. Selecting a new scene changes the scene for explorers, too.
    Play a scene
  2. Swipe up to review notes, questions, or other information.

Pause a scene to get students’ attention

Anytime you pause a scene to ask a question or discuss it, Explorers’ screens freeze and display the message "Paused by Teacher." The scene returns when you tap Play Play again.

  1. Tap Pause Pause.
  2. Tap and hold a spot in a scene. Explorers will see an arrow directing them to that spot.

Highlight points of interest

Scenes have suggested points of interest. Points of interest are objects in a scene that you may want to discuss with Explorers. For example, in an expedition of outer space, you can point your students to the sun, Jupiter, or a spacecraft.

Point of interest

Select a point of interest

You can find points of interest in the scene description. Tap Point of interest Point of interest and Explorers will see arrows to guide them to the item.

Create your own point of interest

To create your own point of interest, touch and hold on the area you want Explorers to view. A point of interest appears and Explorers are directed to it with arrows on their screens.

Remove your point of interest

To remove a point of interest you created, touch and hold the Point of interest Point of interest. The point of interest disappears and Explorers no longer see arrows on their screens.

Draw on the scene

You can draw on a scene to highlight any feature you want your Explorers to focus on.

Draw on a scene

  1. Tap Draw Draw when you are viewing the area you wish to highlight for your Explorers.
  2. With your finger, draw on the screen. What you draw is immediately visible to all of your Explorers.

Note: While you are in drawing mode, you can't change your view of the scene.

Erase your drawing from a scene

You can delete a drawing in one of two ways:

  • Tap Clear to erase your drawing.
  • Exit the scene. If you return to the same scene later, your drawing will not be there.

End drawing mode

To exit the drawing mode and continue to explore the scene, tap Draw Draw. If you have not cleared your drawing, it will remain in place for you and your Explorers to see until you leave the scene.

End an expedition

To end an expedition, at the top of the screen, tap Close Close next to the expedition title and then Leave.
Leave an expedition

Follow an expedition

As an Explorer, you follow expeditions that are led by a Guide. You and your Guide must be on the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. Tap Expeditions Expeditions and then Follow. Or, at the top of your screen, tap Guide and then Follow.
    Tap Follow
  2. Next to the expedition your Guide started, tap Follow.
    Note: If you don’t see Follow, an expedition might not be started. Ask your Guide.
    Tap Follow
  3. Place your phone in the viewer.
    Place phone in viewer
  4. Move your head to look around.
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