What is Expeditions?

Google Expeditions is an immersive education app that allows teachers and students to explore the world through over 1000 virtual-reality (VR) and 100 augmented-reality (AR) tours. You can swim with sharks, visit outer space, and more without leaving the classroom.

In a web browser, view the list of available expeditions.

VR tours

Teachers and students use mobile devices and VR viewers to virtually explore an art gallery or museum, swim underwater, or navigate outer space, without leaving the classroom.

Google Expeditions: over a million students, on trips to virtually anywhere

AR tours

Teachers use mobile devices to bring objects into their classroom so students, using mobile devices, can see and walk around 3D objects as if the objects were physically in the classroom.

Expeditions AR - Bringing the world into the classroom

Tour Creator

Teachers and students can use Tour Creator to create virtual-reality tours and publish them on Poly.

Teachers can add tours they created in Tour Creator to Expeditions to guide students in their classes. Also, tours that teachers like or share to Expeditions on Poly are added automatically to their Expeditions app.

Ready to get started?

If you’re a teacher and want to lead a group of students, first get an Expeditions kit.

For solo expeditions, you can explore alone with a compatible mobile device. Then, download and install the Expeditions app.

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