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Topic disappearing in google classroom when you remove students from an assignment I have new students that I am adding to google classroom. Today, when I remove them from old assignm… How can I view my classroom page as a student so I can see what they are seeing? I want to be able to view my classroom as a student would see it in order to help answer questions t… Google Docs Won't Open Fully When I open a shared Google Docs, the text appears indented, the sentences' endings are cut off, and… What to do? That class code is the correct format, but your current account does not have access i need help accesing the classroom. Keep getting this: Wrong accountThat class code is the correct f… Notificaciones Classroom Desde la última actualización de la App, no encuentro las notificaciones de mis estudiantes. No se d… Removal of Notifications page in Android app Hello Classroom Community, We wanted to let you know that the notifications page in the Classroom An… We need a ‘student view’ option Can we please get the "View as Student" option? This would allow us in these distance learning situa…
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My students still cannot "add a comment" in Stream even after settings changed. I have changed my settings in this class for "Students can only comment" and saved the changes. I've… I uploaded a photo for my banner. The color is darker once it is posted. How do I lighten it? Banner color darker when picture is uploaded to change theme. Why do some of my published assignments are shown as draft on my iPad? I've published some assignments and students have been turning in their work. However, some of those…
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Archived classes missing I logged on to Google classroom this morning to access some archived work from students last year. T… I can't turn my work in. It says "there was an error turning in your assignment. please try again" it says "there was an error turning in your work. please try again" in the red box on the bottom lef… Students not getting attachments when set to "make a copy for each student." Recently, both myself and other collaborators are having issues when setting an assignment to "make … Having problems transferring ownership of a classroom to another teacher. I am trying to transfer ownership of a classroom I set up to a co-teacher already in the classroom. …
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Why won’t PDFs open in any browser? Tried Chrome and Safari. Won’t open through Google classroom. When using Google Classroom on a web browser and not on a device, when I click on a PDF attached to … I have a couple students who cannot see the file for an assignment. It says no assignment submitted I have some students who are not able to see the file I assign in classroom assignment. I create my …
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Why are students seeing “file not found” on every single attachment on the Classroom app? For every single attachment that I have added in Google Classroom, the message: “file not found” com… How do I get back my old themes? I was happy with the old GC before the updates this month. Now I can't customise the theme by changi… I do not have the 3 vertical dots so I can archive my classes I can't archive my classes
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