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Grader omits some students from the list! As I cycle through the assignments, some are missing. I open the grader and open one student assignment. This gives me a drop-down list (at upper left, be… Originality Reports don't load While grading student work, I can see the message that says "# flagged passages", but when I click t… не могу вернуть работу учащемуся, выдает ошибку "работа не возвращена", не могу выставить балл хочу выставить баллы учащемуся и вернуть ему сданную работу, но система выдает ошибку как с компьюте…
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Work not available to students after releasing back to them Students are not able to see their work after I've graded and released it to them. They can see at t…
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Fix for "black screen" when trying to grade student work? Play Store app on Chromebook 90.0.4430.215 I use the Play Store Google Classroom App on my Chromebook because of the ability to directly annota… Students can see quiz after returning scores in Classroom I gave a test today in locked mode on Forms, imported the grades to Classroom, and tried to return t… Locked Mode and Get Email Notifications don't work together When I set up a Google Form in Locked Mode, I am not getting email notifications when students compl… al grabar la clase, y después querer publicarla.. me debe dar autorización otro profesor. A
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How to disable students resubmitting assignments? I need to go over work with students and be 100% sure they do not change their answers while doing s…
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"Some grade(s) failed to return. Try again." Posting the solution to this issue, since I haven't found it anywhere else! Hopefully, others with t…
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How do I see the turned in assignments? As an instructor, I created a Quiz Assignment called `Atividade teste`, and my students turned in. T… Is there a way to use variable place holders for "he" and "she" in the comment bank? Comment banks should allow you to store place holders for the student's name and gender pronouns. Fo… How can i download grades only of a topic from a class? I have 2 topics in my class (exams and activities) so I want to see only the exams grades in the exc… GRADENINESECTIONTWENTYTHREE Help me my googleclassroom about open now Can't view responses in sheet for quiz Everytime i click view responses in sheet, it throws me to manage my google account, pls help? Im a …
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Grade Feature I submitted this request, but am curious about how others feel: I would like to see an "Include in G…
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I have 2 old assignments on my To-Review List. They won't go away! I select "Mark as Reviewed" I have two early assignments on my To-Review List. I have long since reviewed them and have continuo…
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