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Can I add guardians to specific Google Classrooms in bulk at the District level by syncing with SMS? I am hoping to invite Guardians to teacher's specific Google Classrooms in bulk from the District le…
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Hubo un error al entregar la tarea. Vuelve a intentarlo. al intentar entregar una tarea, previamente cargue el documento sin problemas, al presionar el boton… Alumnos tienen problemas para subir sus tareas Los alumnos tiene problemas para subir sus tareas, seleccionan el archivo de evidencia de su tarea r… can you pin an announcement to the top of the stream? I would like to pin an announcement to the top of the stream wall so it remains at the top throughou… Is it possible to audit who deletes a post? Is it possible to audit who deletes a post? I can see the deleted posts in gray but I need to stabli… Why is the record button sometimes missing when in a Meet generated with Google Classroom? I work as a teacher leader, supporting staff with technology integration. We are using the Google Me…
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What can replace the Share to Classroom Chrome extension that's being discontinued in August? I haven't found anything so far.
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Google Translate will not translate the page in Google Classroom. I downloaded the extension today after seeing a video on YouTube from March 2020. Google Translate w…
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Is there an option for a lobby in Google Classroom? Can students wait for the teacher to admit them? Hello Google experts, when testing students or not, I would like to know if there is a lobby/waiting… How can we disable students from sharing their screen in a Google Meet? We want to be able to keep students from sharing their screens during a Google Meet, is that possibl…
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how do I turn on the microphone and camera in google classroom, using a mac everything
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